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Potty trained DD - wants to use the potty at bedtime

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Honeymoonmummy Sun 02-Jan-11 20:37:12

My DD is 2.1 and she's been potty trained for a month now and it's going really well, only a few accidents. We still put a nappy on for her daytime sleep and at night.

However, at night she's started to insist on going for a wee 4-5 times at bedtime, even if she's just done a big wee. We have tried to say "this is the last wee, then you go in your nappy" (the potty is kept in the toilet at bedtime) and we put her nappy on last thing before leaving her but it's getting to the point where she's getting really upset if we try to stop her from going in the potty and I don't want her to regress. She then sleeps through the night and in the morning she takes her nappy off herself and does a wee in the potty (which we put in her bedroom while she's sleeping)

I was wondering about putting her in pull-up pants and leaving the potty in her room at bedtime, she might be able to manage pulling these up herself which would help, are there some which are more easy than others to pull up?

I hope this makes sense!

Beamur Sun 02-Jan-11 20:41:59

My DD also was, and is, keen to be able to toilet herself at bedtime - we got it a bit wrong a couple of times and ended up with her deciding to have a poo and empty the contents of her nappy....
We did something similar to your idea, pull ups and access to the potty - we kept ours in the bathroom and she was brilliant and very capable - although somewhat older than your DD as mine was a much later potty trainer. I think we used pampers which weren't too bulky but were pretty absorbent and kept her dry if used.

Pingpong Sun 02-Jan-11 20:44:56

My DD did this but it was purely a bed time delaying tactic. She wouldn't do anything after the first attempt.
Pull ups sound like it might be worth trying though.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 02-Jan-11 22:53:05

Smac, this is the problem. Quite often she will eventually do something so we're not sure when to believe her and when not to.

Should have explained, we have a safety gate on her bedroom so she can't get out (or into the bathroom).

Tonight I left her without a nappy on and said I would be back in a short while to put it on when she'd finished on the potty. By the time I went back she was calm and I put the nappy on her and said I was taking the potty out to clean it. Seemed to go OK...but I'm going to try the pull-ups.

Rockbird Sun 02-Jan-11 22:56:36

I've got this problem as well. DD is completely dry during the day, has been for ages but will wake in the night to tell me she needs a wee (we co-sleep). Half of me thinks I should get up and take her to the toilet, but in my half asleep state I tell her to go in her nappy which is ok as it's night time but she doesn't really want to. She's not ready for night training yet, her nappies are always soaked in the morning but it feels wrong refusing to take her to the toilet.

Honeymoonmummy Sun 02-Jan-11 23:45:39

My DD's nappies are always wet too, although her daytime nap nappies are increasingly dry. I know she's too young for nighttime training at 2.1, I am not even going to attempt that!

pistachio Mon 03-Jan-11 09:50:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Honeymoonmummy Tue 04-Jan-11 22:51:02

Thanks guys. I bought some Huggies nighttime pullups tonight and have put her in them (with a mattress protector just in case!) and told her she can pull them down if she needs to wee, left her potty in the bedroom, she seemed quite pleased with this scenario. I'll see how she gets on by morning, whether they leak and whether she'll struggle to take them off in the morning when they're wet...

MaybeTomorrow Wed 05-Jan-11 18:36:41

Watching this thread with interest... I always expected that I would follow the pattern that my DMum had with us (there are 5 of us). She said that once we were in nappies through the day, she wouldn't use nappies at night either.

It's only while reading MN that I realised that others seem to separate day and night-time training. I know that two of my Dsis followed the same rules as Mum and all their LOs were fine, with just the odd nightime accident in the first few weeks and I said to DH (before we had our DD) that I would rather get up a few times in the night if that's what she wanted than refuse her the potty.

BUT, I'm not at that stage yet and will likely change my mind when the time comes! confused.

NoseyNooNoo Fri 07-Jan-11 14:36:07

We left DD in pull-ups at night time with the potty in her room and a bit of loo roll to wipe herself. This worked a treat.

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