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No poos for 3 days

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moosky Sat 01-Jan-11 23:35:04

TMI alert!
Started training DS a week ago (he's 3 in Feb).
Initially, complete reluctance to do anything, potty or toilet. Couldn't figure out whether he feared going or just didn't understand how to release.
Anyway, after a couple of days, he 'got' the idea of weeing and has been successful ever since - once I'd stopped asking him if he needed to go! Probably driving him mad!!
We also had two poos -one on the potty, the following day on the toilet.
I'm now worried because he hasn't done a poo for 3 days and I know he'll have a huge build up waiting.
He keep saying he needs to go, tries and nothing happens.
When he was in nappies, he used to do at least 2 poos a day and they were very loose (toddler diahorrea (sp)). The two since have been well formed - not loose at all.
My fear is that he's developed an emotional obstacle to going and now he has a physical blockage.
I've increased his fluid intake and fibrous food intake but don't know what else to do!
I'm worried that when the poo does eventually come out, it'll make him really sore and then cause more fear!

Help please!!!

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