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DS (2.3) peeing in potty/toilet consistently, but pooing in pants or nappy only.

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twinklingfairy Wed 29-Dec-10 15:45:24

How do you catch them before they go?
He did actually do a poo in the toilet this morning, told me he needed and then, with a bit of encouragement to stay on, did a wee one.
But, I get the whole, make them go every few hours thing. He says no, but I say lets try, then he goes, well pleased with himself when he does, it is so sweet!
But how do you get the poo thing sorted?
Poos in pants is sooo not nice! And I used reusable nappies so it should not be such a shocker, but its the getting off of the pants that is just eugh!

We talk about it, well, ok I do.
Where do poos go?
And where don't they go?
They don't go in pants, K?

Same convo for pee's

Help. confused

allnightlong Wed 29-Dec-10 15:48:15

No.2 usually take longer to master it's just a case of patience. But huge sympathy, poo in pants is the one worst parts of parenting.

EdgarAleNPie Wed 29-Dec-10 15:48:36

as he is willing to poo in the toilet - and has done it once - how about giving lavish rewards for doing so?

big round of applause and sweets?

my daughter only got this when we went totally nappy free for a short time, but that won't be necessary of you can just work on what you've already got.

Georgimama Wed 29-Dec-10 15:50:18

DS did this for months. Suddenly he decided to just not do it anymore. We had constant offers of rewards, discussions about how poos go in the loo etc etc - but nothing worked. It just comes on its own, which is no help I know.

twinklingfairy Wed 29-Dec-10 15:58:31

Well, I have DD on the case now, she was with him when he was straining away.
I have said next time she sees him strain she has to shout that DS needs/is doing a poo and we can both jump and run.

Cheers for the sympathy allnightlong, it really is just the pits.

ugh, the thought of free flowing poo edgar, but I can see the benefits of a free bum.
hmm,not sure if I gave enough praise this morning for the poo.

He really is doing so well, and it hasn't been that long really, only about a week. But he is dry all day, as long as I get him to go every few hours or more.
It is just that there is no way really of getting a poo out of him.
You pull his pants down and he pees, but the same does not go for poos.
You can't pre-empt (sp?) it, can you? sad

I have no clue, now, how on earth I managed this with DD (4) but I don't remember poos in pants being a huge issue confused

elliepac Wed 29-Dec-10 16:00:48

I can only echo what the other ladies have said. Ds was late to toilet train and was about 3 and a half before dry with wees. He took even longer with poos and it did just happen when be was ready despite all manner of bribery encouragement. My only tip for dealing with poo in pants situation is to realise that pants are cheap and just throw them away and buy some new ones instead of the soul destroying task of cleaning them grin.

elliepac Wed 29-Dec-10 16:01:57

Oh and 2.3 is still quite little so he is doing brilliantly to even be dry with wees!

twinklingfairy Wed 29-Dec-10 16:14:29

yeah, I am really proud of him. I hadn't thought to even try until he was at least 2.5, but he seemed ready, so I thought I would give it a go.
Have just hit a blank when I tried to think about how I dealt with the poo situation. Yeah, someone else (RLF) suggested throwing pants away. Just sort of goes against the grain with using reusables for so long.
I leave the horrid tasks for DH, who doesn't complain too much.
Our deal is, he sorts poo, I sort sick.

twinklingfairy Wed 29-Dec-10 22:16:39

any other thoughts out there this evening?

Booandpops Wed 29-Dec-10 23:18:34

Postedcthis on another read by may help !! A word of encouragement my ds was wee trained at at 2 yr 3 mth. Quite easy. Dry 3-4 nights a week but took another 9 months to be poo trained! First 6 mths were hell. He was in pants and not choosy where he went! Then started pre school in sept and he started to want to do it right. Jelly beans helped bribe him. Now we have not had a poo pant episode for over six weeks. Thought it would never happen! I personally don't feel pull ups work if they are already bladder trained. I used asda 7 pairs for £2 pants and if the accident was very messy just chucked them. We only ended up chucking 3-4 as most were just skid marks. Soz TMI. So I didn't feel that guilty about it no worse than boiling the bloody pants and wrecking washing machine , a very commen problem. But horrid for us!

twinklingfairy Wed 29-Dec-10 23:56:22

oh no, don't say it! 9 months! What a nightmare!!

AlmightyCitrus Thu 30-Dec-10 00:29:00

My DD1 started off alright but suddenly took against doing a poo in a potty or on the toilet. We tried the encouragement and praise method but to no avail.
Eventually I was so fed up, I said I would take a toy away next time she did a poo in her pants, and sure enough I did. Made it clear that a poo in the toilet would get the toy back, poo in pants meant another toy gone.
She never did it again.

Booandpops Thu 30-Dec-10 09:28:26

The first six months were worst glhardoy Ny success. The last three he was fine at home but I had to watch him if we were out and he hadn't been for a while. Luckily he only went once a day so if he had been I knew I was safe for the day. Punishment made by ds worse and more secretive so no good for us.

soccerwidow Thu 30-Dec-10 09:45:19

Ds took most of the summer to stop pooing everywhere but the toilet/potty.

I used reusable training pants I am sure that I bought a bundle but cant see them on the site. They come up very small - DS was 2.9 months and needed large but outgrew them quickly and could really of done with XL. They seem to go for similar price 2nd hand on ebay!

DS is really into disney cars, so Dh bribied him in the end - told him if he stopped pooing in his pants he would by him BIg Mack from the Disney store (£30 friggin quid!!)

I was a bit hmm because I didn't think that he was mature enough to understand but it worked!

I knew that the penny had finally dropped when he had been clean for nearly a week and had a minor accident when we were out. We made it to the toilet a fraction late. he burst into tears and said "My daddy won't by me big mack now"

daddy bought him Big Mack the next day!

Booandpops Thu 30-Dec-10 09:53:31

Sorry first line should read hardly any success for first six months.

wingandprayer Thu 30-Dec-10 10:11:23

Our DS just mastered pooing in the toilet but it was 6 months after mastering the weeing

We tried everything, and I mean everything and he just would not do it at all. Had me in frustrated tears more times than I could count. But in the end just like soccerwidow toy based bribery won it. He loves his sisters DS, but we told he he couldn't play on it as it was for big boys and girls only, big boys who poo in the toilet. With Santa imminent he had all to play for and it worked! No poos in pants for two weeks and his own DS well earnt!.

Bugger me though if he didn't then start pooing his pants on the 27th!!! New DS been put away and is in process of being earnt back! I dont think he will be pulling that stunt again!

Working out what it is that will motivate them to try that little bit more is the key here. Im not proud I had to resort to such materialistic measures, but I was genuinely at the end of my tether and then some

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