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Potty training – our turn now

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otchayaniye Tue 07-Dec-10 09:34:10

I think my daughter has been ready for ages actually but I thought I’d leave it until 2 years and nearer that time whenever I whipped out a potty demurred so I didn’t push it. She’s now 2.1
But I think I should try but have no idea how to start. I talked to her (her speech and comprehension is very good) about going in the potty at home and took her nappy off and by and large has
Not sure what to do about outside as we often go out for the day. I always go out when husband is sleeping off a night shift. Also he looks after her three days a week so we need to be consistent I guess.
Padded seat, pull ups? Mini potty?
Apologies I am totally new to this lark and haven’t read any books (any advice there?) Have been in denial I think! I think I could have done this at 19/20 months but I’d heard that was too early so I didn’t want to risk failure and restarting.

otchayaniye Tue 07-Dec-10 09:35:33

sorry, by and large has weed and pooed in the potty (but waved it around as she loves spilling water ;))

notanumber Thu 09-Dec-10 23:35:20

The Potette Plus is a portable potty with bag liners that you chuck after each use which also doubles as a loo seat.

It's good. Or as good as such a gross concept can be.

But tbh, the PITA hard cold fact of it is that you really need to know where the nearest loo is. All the time. It will become the first thing you find out when you go anywhere. It's a bugger, it really is.

otchayaniye Fri 10-Dec-10 09:07:44

Thanks. I have a weak bladder so I have already scoped out the loo situ whereever we go!

She is now weeing and pooing in the potty all the time at home and I've only used nappies when out, but think she's ready to go nappyless all day.

Will buy some pants. So you recommend NOT going down the pull ups route and just dealing with accidents?

notanumber Fri 10-Dec-10 19:35:17

The general consensus tends to be that you must not under any circumstances wuss out once you've put the first pair of pants on.

Sometimes wearing pull-ups/nappies too confusing. Pants all the way all the time(plus several changes of clothes)...

otchayaniye Fri 10-Dec-10 22:09:13

thanks, more poos and wees but 4 hour round trip to see great grandfather in hospital so wussed on pants today but have bought knickers (she loved them) and a potette so tomorrow is nappyless (apart from bedtime, right?)

FreudianSlippery Fri 10-Dec-10 22:16:51

Pottette plus is fantastic.

My main advice is to expect accidents! Our first attempt with DD was horrible because I was SO paranoid about wet carpets that I was constantly asking her to try etc. A few months later we tried again and I just explained that if she needed a wee she must use the potty. She wet herself twice that morning and was dry after that, and dry at night a few days later. She had just turned 3 though, i think leaving it later was good for her.

otchayaniye Sat 11-Dec-10 09:39:07

I got the potette and got her to choose the colour. All good. and she's fine at home and carries the potty to the loo and empties it.

We have wooden and resin floors so no problem.

I don't mind accidents and expect them. She has had a lot of clothes off time at home and on our roof terrace and has announced she's 'doing a tinkle' for months (yeah, I know she's been ready for longer than I've admitted to myself)

What I wondered is what I do for naps? She either naps in a sling if we're out or in the car. Neither of us are paranoid about a bit of wee but would rather we weren't having to take a change of clothes for us as well.

It helps that she's not a massive urinator (is that a word?)

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