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Regression after >2 years of success

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jkklpu Sat 27-Nov-10 20:01:42

My 5yo ds1 has, for the past couple of months, been wetting and soiling himself almost every day after 2.5 years of being totally potty-trained. 3yo ds2 was potty trained in about September and loved the independence but he's now regressed as well.

We moved house/country 3 months ago and ds1 started school, which he really enjoys. Could it still be a reaction to the move and just getting used to things? He hates being wet/dirty but, however much my dh and I try to explain/rationalise/calmly deal with the mess, he doesn't seem to be connecting his bodily signals with the need to go straight to the toilet.

Any ideas?

jkklpu Sat 27-Nov-10 20:49:39

bump ... anyone? it's really becoming a problem ...

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