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when to stop the treats/bribery?

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putthekettleon Tue 23-Nov-10 09:58:34

After a shaky start and lots of poo accidents, yesterday I said DD could have 5 smarties for a wee in the potty and 10 for a poo - it worked and she had no accidents all day!

Now I don't know how long to keep it up for... a few days? Should i try an switch to a star chart or something? How long did you bribe them with sweets for?!

ragged Tue 23-Nov-10 17:59:23

oooh, (sucks teeth) bit generous you are. I only give out one ickle bickle chocolate star for each productive visit to the potty.

But I have same problem, weaning him off this habit is going to take ages! With other DC both of us just ... forgot about it after a week or so. But DC4 is so S L O W to take to potty training, that the sweet reward has quite embedded itself into his brain by now (sigh).

toastandeggs Tue 23-Nov-10 22:26:00

maybe tomorrow should be 4 smarties for wee and 9 for poo then 3 and 8 etc maybe that will work?

then switch to stickers - we didnt have a chart i bought some small star stickers and she stuck them on the door frame of bathroom (1 side poo the other wee) DD thought it was great, first week we didnt have reward stickers then we indroduced this and we had only 1 accident since! she's been dry 3 weeks and she doesnt even do the stickers any more so they will probly come off the frame within the next few days (they peel off very easy)

hope this helps

putthekettleon Wed 24-Nov-10 09:35:15

ragged, I tried to give her one smartie but she wasn't very impressed - sucker, that's me! However yesterday she only managed 2 wees on the potty so it's not working as well as I thought confused

I like the idea of the stickers, might go out and get some stars today.


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