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3y.o gone dry at night and now asking for a wee 3-4x

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Herecomesthesciencebint Sun 21-Nov-10 22:45:31

DS2 has never been what you would call a great sleeper! and always wakes at least once, but since going dry at night he wakes asking for a wee every 2-3 hours some nights. Its always at least twice.

he is still in a pull up at night altho dry 90% of time (habit to keep it on and a bit because DS1 is 5 and not dry so has to wear one and didnt want him to feel bad his little bruv wasnt) and we limit bedtime drinks, make sure he wees last thing etc.

have tried lifting him and it didnt help. have told him he can go himself, there is a landing light on etc but he just shouts/cries for us to take him.
He largely goes back to sleep after but once a night is usually difficult to resettle and ends up in bed with us, which I guess isnt helping, altho he has always done this and its what we are all used to and happy with.

Does this get better with time? he has been night dry for about 2 months or so.


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