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pooing on the floor - nice!!

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beepbeep Sun 21-Nov-10 18:05:50

DS is now 2yr 5m, he has been quite late in everyone so far (crawling, didn't walk til nearly 2 and speech has just suddenly come on).

DD1 potty trained at just after 2, which I would consider quite early and it took quite a while. My plan was to wait til spring for DS. HOWEVER! He has started pulling down his nappy and pooing on the floor, he then comes and tells me what he's done. He'll also tell me when he poos in his nappy. He shows an interest in toilets and will sit on a potty (for about 30 seconds until he losing interest and has never done anything in one! though don't sit him on one very often).

I've also seen him pull his trousers down at the toilet t try to reach up to do a wee (though never has).

Do you think I should start potty traning him and continue waiting? He clearly understands what the toilet is for (more so than potty so may go straight to that), but I am still concerned he is far too young, I'm sure he doesn't understand as much as DD1 at the same age.

Advice please!

belgo Sun 21-Nov-10 18:09:16

Yes of course introduce the potty! What have you got to lose? I would keep the potty very close to him, and when he is about to poo, (does he stand in a corner quietly?), then get the potty underneath him (don't force him to sit unless he wants to). Let him see his sister use the potty/toilet.

beepbeep Sun 21-Nov-10 18:41:32

Thanks belgo, he is very intersted in watching his sister use the toilet (not that she wants him there!!) He doesn't seem to go to a corner, just wherever he is. we're in all day tomorrow and DD is at preschool tues so think i'll try and spend quite a bit of time on it. Unfortunately DD2 turned 1 last fri and is getting mobile so having to be on the ball re poos on the floor anyway!

beepbeep Sun 21-Nov-10 18:42:08

not that I would normally leave them there you understand!!

belgo Sun 21-Nov-10 18:47:54

grin I'm sure you wouldn't. Does he have any friends who are potty trained? That helps, if he can see his friends using the potty.

beepbeep Sun 21-Nov-10 19:07:13

Not really. He is in wth older children at his nursery (there 2 days a week), but friends with children his age aren't using potty regularly. May encourage DD1 to use potty once or twice instead of toilet so he can see what it's for!

belgo Sun 21-Nov-10 19:44:22

It would be good if he could see the older children at the nursery using the potty. My chi;dren were potty trained at the creche before they were at home because they just like to copy other children.

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