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stubborn dd -won't wear nappies... won't sit on potty

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VandT Sat 20-Nov-10 15:47:27

DD is 26 months old and we are embarking on potty training #2 because she is refusing to wear nappies. Potty training #1 took place when she was 22 months when she also suddenly refused to wear nappies. she 'got it' back then but after a month seemed to lapse/not care and as I had awful morning sickness and loads of work on, i tried her back in nappies and she seemed fine with it.

anyway, we're back to nappy refusal BUT now the terrible-twos have really kicked in and she is being really stubborn and won't sit on the potty if I ask/ bribe etc. She seems to have even lost interest in sitting on her own accord. She just waddles up to me and says 'wee in pants, need clean pants' (or even gets them out of the cupboard herself!).
Sticker bribes work sometimes (weirdly shes not bothered by smarties etc) but what i'm really looking for is tips as to how I can get her to just calmly sit on the potty for a bit without causing a fight/ tension. does anyone else have a really stubborn child??
I would happily put her back in nappies but she won't, so it just feels like we are in a very unsuccessful half way house..... tips anyone??????

reallytired Sat 20-Nov-10 15:55:52

Does she have any bladder control?

She may like the idea of being potty trained, but she is clearly not ready. I suggest you stop pressurising her to use the potty. Be more relaxed.

Surely you can put a nappy on her by force. There is no point in attempting potty training if you have to fight to get her to sit on the potty.

Tell her that she is wearing nappies until she starts weeing in the potty on her own accord. Put her in dungeress with popper vests if she is likely to remove the nappy.

Try potty training again next spring. She may well be more receptive.

VandT Sat 20-Nov-10 19:53:43

I am very happy with the idea of leaving it for a few months, the only reason I hesitate is that when she first instigated it, she was very quick to pick it up and very pleased with herself for doing her poos and wees on the potty - for the first couple of weeks we didn't have many accidents at all.
My concern is that while she might put on nappies again for a few days next week, she'll then refuse again the following week so we'll be stuck in an on-off battle, and people on MN seem to agree that its not good to be on-off. Thanks for your advice though!

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