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Attempt 2 at potty training ds (2.10) and absolutely nothing going in potty or toilet!

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peggotty Thu 18-Nov-10 16:06:15

I tried in September before he started playgroup and it was just a disaster, he didn't seem to be aware when he needed to go and got upset after he'd weed/pooed in pants - over 5 days he got 2 things in the potty purely because I 'caught' them!

A couple of days ago, woman at playgroup asked me to send him in pants as he's apparently been going to the toilet with the other kids but getting annoyed that he can't get the pullups he wears up and down. Sent him in pants on weds. One woman at playgroup says he peed in toilet, another woman says he didn't! He came home dry and then crapped on the sofa and piddled himself twice. Today he hasn't been at playgroup and has not managed to get a single thing in the potty. He gets quite upset when he wets himself. He's not ready is he? Or is this how it normally goes in the early days. I have an older dd who just got it instantly so this is new territory for me. I am getting stressed as well! Any advice appreciated.

Rockbird Thu 18-Nov-10 16:11:59

No, he's not ready. Sounds like you're doing it just because the woman at playgroup asked you to which is no good reason for the stress it's causing both of you. And if he's stressed he won't get it. Leave him for a while till you think he's ready.

peggotty Thu 18-Nov-10 16:31:40

Yep, that's my gut feeling too Rockbird. WHen will I know he IS ready though?! Is he not quite old to still be in pullups?

FrogmellaMoonbeam Thu 18-Nov-10 16:43:38

DS 3.1 is still in nappies. We have been "potty training" for quite a while but started in earnest on Monday and this time he must have been ready as it has just "clicked" on Monday he went from 9.30am-6pm with no wee accidents (we are still mastering pooing but I am viewing that as a seperate issue) we then had two "accidents" before we put a nappy back on him at 8.30-9pm and both of those could be explained away ie he was tangeled in a towel and couldnt get his pants down and then he was engrossed in Playhouse Disney and his tea. Tuesday Wednesday and today he has had big boy pants on after breakfast until bedtime and has had no wee accidents at all and only had a poo accident yesterday when left with GPs.

Sorry that has turned out so long but whqat I am trying to say is no I dont think he is too old to be in pullups and at some point when HE is ready it will probably just click so stick with your instinct as his mum and wait until you feel he is ready.

Rockbird Thu 18-Nov-10 16:48:37

DD is 2.9yo and, to be fair, she has been ready for about 6 months although I kept putting it off because of weddings, big holidays etc, there was always a reason not to do it yet. She was happy enough in pull ups until last month though. I wouldn't bat an eyelid at a child his age in pull ups. My niece was well past 3 and a half when she gave them up.

Rockbird Thu 18-Nov-10 16:50:38

To add to Frogmella's post, I took DD out of (daytime) nappies a month ago and she has had about 3 accidents, all of them at nursery when she couldn't get to the toilet. I was dreading it and it was as easy as anything. There is something to be said for leaving it as late as you can. Less stressy for everyone.

starski Tue 30-Nov-10 12:17:44

First time to this site, I need help. My daughter is 2.5 and I have put her into pants yesterday, so far one wee in potty but only because I had asked her to sit on it. All others on floor chair etc. I know it has only been 1.5 days but is it too soon. I have 2 boys but cant remember, girls are easier??? shall I continue???

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