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getting her to go on her own?

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fairimum Sun 14-Nov-10 19:23:55

DD is now dry IF I take her to the loo or suggest she has a go on potty every couple of hours.... I fi don't she has accidents, it was just little accidents then finishing on potty but then started having full on accidents again... which is why I went back to prompting her to go... how can I help her to get the hang of 'knowing' when she needs to go??
Any advice greatly appreciated please

toastandeggs Sun 14-Nov-10 20:26:55

i told my DD that i wasnt going to remind her anymore as shes a big girl now, - telling her she was in charge of having a wee , worked for us

NellyTheElephant Mon 15-Nov-10 11:35:26

How long has she been potty trained for? My DD2 was accident free within about 10 days of starting training, but only if I reminded her. Looking back I'd say that with her the reminding stage lasted for about 3 months before she took complete control of it. I didn't have to be constantly vigilant or anything and sometimes she would tell me, but if she hadn't said anything then I just used to take her to the loo if it was approaching a couple of hours since she last went or 45 mins or so after a drink. She gradually got the hang of it. DD1 on the other hand took control almost immediately and I never had to remind her. They are all different. I'd just stick to reminding her for now and in a month or so you will probably realise that you are not really doing it anymore and hadn't noticed the change.

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