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hand dryer dilema and no more gadgets plz..!!

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mumu80 Sat 13-Nov-10 21:11:57

My dear son who is 2 has now been potty trained for about a month, he has done exceptionally well. Apart from the potty he is also comfortable going in the real toilet, he stands on his step for a pee and uses a padded seat for poo's.
My problem is when we are out and about he cannot reach the toilets to do a pee and i cannot hold him for long as he is quite heavy,he wont sit on the bare toilet seat, to start with on days out i was taking his potty,padded seat and his step with me (crazy i know) but i now want to know what is best to do to lighten our load with out buying another gadget.
Also anyone else's dc scared of the hand dryers in the toilets..?? my ds refuses to go if he sees one never mind hears it go off.

BeaSpellsaLot Sat 13-Nov-10 21:58:19

I'm not sure I can help with regards to the toilet seats...

DS was scared of the hand dryers for a long time, at 3.6 he is just getting over it but can still take notions.

I always just went along with him, I would wash his hands and dry them with tissue or a towel if available and then do my own.

He is coming around now, but I never forced the issue, I just didn't make a big fuss about it.

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