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At what age to get rid of the potty?

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RGPargy Sat 06-Nov-10 00:45:22

I was just wondering what age is best to get rid of the potty.

DD is 2.11 and will use a toilet anywhere but when we are at home she will only go on the potty (which is permanently in the bathroom). I am wondering if she prefers it because she can "get more out" when she is in a low squatting position as she tends not to really do a poo very willingly when we "lost" the potty recently (which we have since "found"). hmm

When do kids generally lose interest in the potty?

I dont suppose it matters really.......hmm

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 06-Nov-10 00:49:55

Can't honestly remember when we gave up the potty. but sometimes taking those training seat things on and off the toilet is more of a pain than emptying the potty! So I guess I'd keep it as long as she wants it, but at the same time encourage her to use the "big" toilet?

madhattershouse Sat 06-Nov-10 00:50:14

My younger son used the bloomin potty till he was 4!! He hated the toilet and refused, despite his twin sister making the change at 2.5! Youngest dc used toilet within months of training. They are all different, as long as they are happy to use toilet elsewhere I really would not worry...eventually even the most hardened potty user will find their btm starts to get a bit big! grin

RGPargy Sat 06-Nov-10 00:54:42

4!!! lol!

We do have a "family" toilet seat in the bathroom but that doesn't seem to encourage her to go on the loo. I think she worries about weeing on the loo as the wee sometimes collects in the triangle at the top of her legs, if that makes sense?!

I guess i will just have to wait until her bum gets too big for the potty lol.

madhattershouse Sat 06-Nov-10 01:09:15

The "triangle" can be avoided if you encourage her to part her legs a little, my youngest has to do this for balance as she's teeny for 3.5. Oddly she went from potty to full sized toilet seat without ever using a toilet training seat and learnt to spread her legs and grip the sides to avoid falling in. Like I said they really are all different!

RGPargy Sat 06-Nov-10 20:27:42

Thanx Madhatter. I do encourage her to part her legs a bit and now when she does go on the toilet she looks out for it. She will quite willingly go on a full sized loo seat at any other toilet other than ours lol. The trainer seat is built in to the toilet seat too so it's not like it's unstable or anything.

Ah well, as long as she's not doing in her knickers, i really dont mind where she does it. Having said that, she did do a little poo in her knickers today while we were out. She'd just been for a wee and then went off to play with something, but came back with a poo in her pants!! Frustrating but i'm sure it wasn't intentional!

anonMum2 Wed 10-Nov-10 14:57:13

Reading this with interest as DS(2.5) does have a preference for potty too because he doesn't need to climb up onto the toilet, although it does vary from day to day. I always discourage him from using the potty because for me personally, I hate cleaning the potty. Especially with morning sickness.. gag! Guess it's going to be at least another year or so before I can get rid of it altogether.

Since there are some posts on sitting on toilets and using other toilets, can anyone please share if they allow their DC to sit on public loos? I think they're disgusting and tend to avoid them unless desperate, but I have no choice but to put DS on as he quite often asks to poo when out and about. If there's a sink in the toilet I would wipe the toilet seat for him first (whilst he's there hopping saying 'I need wee / poo now!' bless..), or I lay some tissue on the seat but that's no use at all as he just brushes them off with his bottom when he sits down. We've tried one of the travel pottette but find it disgusting to pop one on a dirty toilet just to then pop it back into our bag. Ugh! Then no one wants to wash it once we get home.

Is it just me who finds using public loo with a toddler awkward?

RGPargy Tue 16-Nov-10 10:50:15

Hi AnonMum2

I dont find using public loos a pain. At the end of the day i will use them if i have to and so will DD. We always wash our hands with soap and water afterwards. Obviously if the toilet is disgusting we will find another one that isn't. If they bother you that much, why dont you just buy some Dettol wipes to whizz over the loo seat before DS sits on them?

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