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Quick Q - Pre-School and potty training

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Eve4Walle Thu 04-Nov-10 11:33:36

Need some advice ASAP please.

DS is due to start pre-school this afternoon (one afternoon a week with me until Christmas so he can settle in). We have been potty training with mostly success since the weekend, so I was just wondering whether to take him in pants and keep asking if he needs to use the loo or just pop a nappy on for the 2 hours we'll be there.

What would you do?

FreudianSlimmery Thu 04-Nov-10 11:39:26

Stick to the pants, no nappies. Chances are he'll get the hang of it quicker by seeing his friends use the toilet etc.

putthekettleon Mon 08-Nov-10 11:32:57

I asked the same thing at DD's preschool last week and they said to keep her in pull-ups at preschool til she is fully trained and can be relied upon to tell a membeer of staff that she needs a wee.

If you'll be there with him it might be different though, I would speak to them about it. I was just worried having an accident in preschool might really knock her confidence, especially if other kids point or laugh.

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