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Is he doing himself some damage??

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jennymac Thu 04-Nov-10 11:09:09

Started potty training ds on Monday (he'll be 3 in jan) and need some advice on whether should leave it for a while. He just seems to be holding everything in until he gets his nappy on for his sleep during the day and then again at night. He sits on the toilet happily enough but does nothing. Worried that it cannot be good for him holding so long. Though part of me thinks if he has such good control of his bladder he should be fit for training. What do you think?

atmywitssend Mon 08-Nov-10 20:05:11

Intuitively, holding it in doesn't sound as though it would be good for him but to have that much control is great! Maybe he's physically ready but a bit unsure so leave it for a few weeks? Anyway - bumping for you!

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