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The best (cheap) disposable nappies

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yellowflowers Fri 27-Aug-10 12:41:05

Hi, I am trying to prepare for first baby coming by spreading cost of things before he/she gets here. Can anyone recommend baby nappies they used - preferably cheap but effective ones. Is there a good supermarket own brand that is as good as the branded ones for example?


BikeRunSki Fri 27-Aug-10 12:44:54

Aldi own brand - they are called Mamu or something like that - are fab and cheap. But don't stock up until baby is born - different nappies suit different babies!

Or go for cloth nappies for proper cheapness! Many councils offer discount vouchers, but I got all mine second hand on here!

FerminaUrbinoDaza Fri 27-Aug-10 12:45:16

lidl ones are good.

Would you consider washables?

yellowflowers Fri 27-Aug-10 12:50:11

Am torn between disposable and washable - to be honest I was put off washables after seeing a friend scrape the poo into the loo - seemed so much worse than just wrapping up and putting in bin.

BornToFolk Fri 27-Aug-10 12:54:43

We use a mix of reusables and Tesco own brand disposables which do the job nicely.

Even with disposables, you really are supposed to tip poo down the toilet too, you much as is possible anyway wink

With a child in nappies, you are going to be handling poo and wee a lot more than you'd like anyway - you may as well save some money and the environment while you're at it.

AdasMum Fri 27-Aug-10 16:48:35

The Boots own brand ones are really good. Noticed no big difference between them and Pampers baby dry ones.
But most supermarkets and Boots seem to have nappy deals like buy 2 for £10 etc.
I just go where they have a special offer for Pampers, as I think they are the best ones.

Tyson86 Fri 27-Aug-10 16:53:55

Morrisons own brand were better than pampers till ds was about 18 months old. I still used pampers newborn for the first month though as they are more gentle and only £3.50 approx.

colditz Fri 27-Aug-10 17:01:37

I preferred Morrison's own brand.

girlywhirly Fri 27-Aug-10 17:02:48

Bear in mind that you may be changing 12 nappies in 24 hours when baby is very young. (And in my ds' case every single one was dirty!)

yellowflowers Tue 31-Aug-10 09:13:57

That's what I'm worried about girlywhirly - am guessing it is one of the major costs of babies? There seem to be some good buys if you buy in bulk eg less than 10p a nappy.

ethelina Tue 31-Aug-10 09:19:40

Well I've got 3 packs of pampers newborn ready for when the baby comes, all bought by other people as gifts. I'm going to wait and see what suits him and then make the decision as to disposable or reusable.

I have a friend whose DS had reusable all the way but DD absolutely hated them so she's in tescos own brand. So I'm going to borrow her reusables for a trial and see.

Otherwise I'm going the way of bulk-buying whats on offer at the time. But not until I see which way the wind blows...

DH by the way thinks i'm mad for even considering reusables...

adamcable Sat 21-Nov-15 21:48:38

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adamcable Sat 21-Nov-15 21:48:27

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folieadeux Tue 24-Nov-15 19:25:24

I can vouch for tescos own, used on ds from around 10 months to nearly 3 years and dd from newborn. Quite roomy too and my dc are on the bigger side. Oh and once they start eating solids and have 'real' poos I also tip the poos into the toilet and flush away otherwise the bins become unbearable.

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