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what do I do about ds and his poo

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springishere Mon 09-Aug-10 18:49:20

Have been potty training DS (3) for a week and pees seem to be ok but poo's are a whole different story. First couple of days he did a poo on potty and then next day he didn't do one, since then he has either held it on and not done a poo or done it in his pants, He didn't do a poo all weekend and then today he did one in his pants and one in the bath so not even trying to get to potty anymore with his poo's. What can I do about this, would really appreciate advice as it's really demoralising me.

JaynieB Mon 09-Aug-10 18:53:28

My DD potty trained for wees (quite late) but refused to poo anywhere other than her night time nappy. We've gone along with this but recently had a breakthrough and now she is using the potty! Hurrah!
I mentioned her potty habits at nursery and they said it was very common for children to lag behind with potty training for poos.
It won't be any consolation to you for me to say that there was probably 6 months inbetween the successful stages of our potty training

JeMeSouviens Mon 09-Aug-10 18:59:06

A MNr sent me Poo goes to Pooland, I read it to DS ONCE and he immediately swapped from poo in pants, to poo in loo. I can highly recommend it.

I can email it to you if you like

eli consulting @ hotmail dot com

(no gaps)

springishere Mon 09-Aug-10 19:13:35

Thank you would love you to email it to me, I've just emailed you

spiderlight Mon 09-Aug-10 22:58:35

Poo Goes to Pooland is magic. It truly is. Whoever wrote it, they deserve the Nobel Prize at the very least.

Redhead77 Tue 10-Aug-10 12:04:29

please could i have Poo goes to Pooland. I'm at the end of my tether with 3 year old DS- every poo with only a couple of exceptions have been in his pants since potty training 3 weeks ago. That's a lot of pants for my 3 poos a day child. If Pooland can't do it I may have to go back to nappies hmm

extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 10-Aug-10 22:54:53

JeMeSouviens - could I also email you? We are in desperate need of Poo Goes to Pooland by the sound of it.

PacificDogwood Tue 10-Aug-10 23:01:55

You can also get it here - for free, I think.

Chaotica Tue 10-Aug-10 23:16:07

DS had this problem (without any success to get our hopes up). It was painful (for him, DD, me, DP and his CM) but we eventually resorted to the mantra that he wouldn't be doing it when he was 30, or even before he went to college. grin But gradually he got the idea over the course of about a month and is near perfect in that dept these days.

Have you tried letting him have nothing on and lifting him towards the potty if he looks like he might want to go? (If you don't live in a flat with white carpets that is.)

fatlip Tue 10-Aug-10 23:20:55

DS was also like this. It lasted about a month/6 weeks.

I reasoned it was probably easier for them with wees because the sensation is different (feeling wet, trousers wet, dribbling down leg etc) whereas actually they are more than used to sitting in their own shit so don't get the hang of it quite so easily.

My advice is to buy the cheapest knickers you can so that, on bad days (like when you're out of the house) you don't mind just chucking them.

speedi101 Sat 13-Nov-10 08:48:05

I found poo goes home to poo land here, looks like someone was in the same boat and has made a working link to their own web site, so it wont get lost on the corporate nhs site that it used to be on.... -land.html its a downloadable pdf! My kids coloured it in too for extra credit!

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