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going pull up free

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NinjaChipmunk Sat 17-Jul-10 15:44:53

we've been potty training about 2-3 months and only use pull ups when we're going out for a reasonable amount of time. DS is slowly getting the hang of it all and happy to use the loo. I want to go pull up free during the day completely esp as he's now seeming to be giving up his afternoon nap. I just have a few questions though

if we're out in town and he wees in his trousers, if there is a not a loo nearby what do you do? do you just change him in the middle of the street in town so he's not wet or get him to walk to the nearest shop (if its a bit of a trek) with a loo and get changed there?

same goes for the playground we go to - no loo nearby, we'll go before we leave but if he needs to go while he's out does he just wee behind a bush in the playground? and what about a poo?

I'm just feeling a little confused and would like it straight in my head before I go any further as i don't want to stress him out in any way

any advice appreciated.

RedVelvetRocks Sat 17-Jul-10 22:27:04

I let ds wee where he needs to, otherwise he will have accidents. So we find a bush or tree. Most people are fine and do understand! I don't do it in play areas though, as that's not fair on other children.

I do also change straight away, walking in wet paints is not very nice for anyone.

Good luck with it all

belleymum Sun 18-Jul-10 08:56:18

Yes, a quick wipe and change in the street is what I do/did when there's nowhere else in emergencies.
I'm sure people have seen accidents happen before and most don't care or mind. I certainly don't mind doing it tho I do always have a double pushchair as a bit of a privacy shield.

I'm always seeing children in the playground having wees but they also nip outside the actual play area to a bush.

Never had a poo, but the same applies I guess, just take lots of nappy sacks.

NinjaChipmunk Sun 18-Jul-10 19:39:43

lovely thanks, you've reinforced what I was thinking I would do so thats a good thing! he hasn't used a pushchair for ages so i'll have to use myself as a human shield to give him some privacy but he spends a lot of time running round in pants and wellies so i don't actually think he cares.

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