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PP hair loss... help me.

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LLMD Thu 05-Dec-19 20:27:50

Does anyone have any miracles that can help with pretty bad hair loss after birth?

It’s coming out in huge clumps every day and really starting to get me down.

The hair that I do have left is knotted really badly when I wake up every morning too.

I had sepsis after my c section (4 months PP) and doctor has said you can experience hair loss after a serious illness like this too so not sure if I’m getting double whammy of hair falling out.

I’ve also been stressed due to hospital negligence causing life changing brain injuries for DC, so that’s probably not helping either.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated otherwise I’m hiding under the table for our big family Christmas dinner 😔

Gettingonabitnow Fri 27-Dec-19 02:36:04

Aw bless you. I’m dreading getting this too. My only advice would be are you taking loads of iron? Your hair needs that to grow well, and a good multi vitamin with all the B numbers in. How many months PP are you? X

Lemonchorizo Fri 27-Dec-19 03:04:35

Can you get blood test for your thyroid function. It may not be this but my already low thyroid got worse post pregnancy. Some people have temporary issue after being pregnant. Just a thought I am not a medical professional xx

Lemonchorizo Fri 27-Dec-19 03:05:29

Oh low thyroid can cause hair loss - not obvious from my post x

LittleLadysMama Fri 27-Dec-19 23:29:54

I'm 3 months PP and have just started to notice the hair loss too!
I too had sepsis (and nec fasc) after my c section but hadn't thought about it being connected to that. When I googled, it said between 3-6 months PP would be when it would be at it's most severe so I'm hoping it will pass.
I did show as having enlarged red cells in a recent blood test which I know can be linked to thyroid issues but mine was actually that my B12 levels were in my boots so had a course of injections for that. Doesnt seem to have prevented the hair loss though.

orangejuicer Sat 28-Dec-19 18:21:14

I feel your pain. My hair loss was pretty bad about 8/9 months on. I'm using a scrunchie rather than a tight band which helps. It seems to have settled now (13mo) so there is hope.

Selfsettling3 Sun 29-Dec-19 20:00:06

It’s normal at 4 month PP. You don’t lose hair when pregnant and all of a sudden you are losing a year’s worth of hair in one go.

DD1 was emcs and I had spesis. DD2 was a straightforward vbac and have lost the same amount of hair both times.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 31-Dec-19 06:42:46

Sepsis like pneumonia can make vitamin deficiencies and ‘hidden’ thyroid problems worseq. Suggest you ask the GP for some tests

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 06:48:14

Check your iron and ferritin levels because that can cause hair loss as can low vitamin D levels.

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 06:49:38


The NHS won't recognise low vitamin levels unless they are very low. I had a vitamin D level of 7 and they said I was ok.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 31-Dec-19 07:01:32

@JolieOBrien - not where I am. Like everything to do with the NHS you need to advocate for yourself and get a second opinion if you feel there’s a problem.

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 07:04:52


You are lucky then ... I am ex NHS employee now retired and I know how the NHS works

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 31-Dec-19 07:08:24

Unless you are a retired GP who retired this year I don’t see how putting people off getting treatment is helpful really. As ‘a former NHS employee’ you should know better.

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 07:11:41


You are completely wrong .... I think the blood tests that the NHS do especially for thyroid disease are misleading and wrong. They only do the TSH which is not a good indication of thyroid function ... how do I know this? Well I was left ill by a so called expert in Thyroid disease who misread my blood test and was virtually bedridden until I did my own blood tests and joined Thyroid UK support site.

TheFurryMenace Tue 31-Dec-19 07:13:57

Hi OP, you sound like you've had a really rough time. flowers

Have you tried Nioxin shampoo and conditioner? I recently discovered this on the recommendation of a friend with PP hair loss (although mine is peri menopause related) and it's really helped. My hair had instantly more volume when styling it. They often do it in TKMaxx, but you can also find it online. Worth a try?

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 31-Dec-19 07:15:16

I have autoimmune hypothyroidism - got treatment via my GP and they have always tested the complete panel including T3, T4 and antibodies. Yes there are shit doctors out there but that’s like any profession really; second opinions and self-advocacy is required. You shouldn’t discourage anyone to seek treatment.

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 07:18:08


You are one of the lucky ones ... just join Thyroid UK support and read the heartbreaking stories of women are being neglected by the NHS and are having to buy their own T3 from abroad because the NHS won't prescribe it to them.

JolieOBrien Tue 31-Dec-19 07:21:02

I have had a thyroid storm this year and admitted to hospital and the Doctor at A & E just tested the TSH and nothing else ... I have thyroid antibodies of over 4000 which I tested through medichecks .... as I said you are very lucky.

Lemonchorizo Sun 05-Jan-20 18:42:33

Op sorry if thyroid mention derailed the thread. I went to a sympathetic Female GP with tiredness and recent miscarriage. This was when it first got diagnosed.

I thought I had low iron or vit D. She added the Thyroid test. Post partum thyroid issues can happen if only temporarily so if you have a good GP you can ask worth checking x

luckymagnoliatree Sat 11-Jan-20 22:57:44

I feel your pain, but there is hopethanks! I had awful pp hair loss after my first son and it took 2.5 years for my fine hair to recover, I tried so many different shampoos/conditioners (including medicated over the counter ones) to help with hair loss and nothing seemed to help.

Second time around I was discussing my concerns about it happening again with my friend, who is a hairdresser and she recommended trying Monat products. She had done lots of research and used the products herself after having her daughter with amazing success, so I tried it too. Honestly the products are amazing! I have so much regrowth it is insane! Other benefits I've had include no longer having to wash my hair every or every other day, I can now go up to 3 days! The products are super concentrated, so you don't have to use much, my bottles last me 6 months+. Honestly I love the products and won't use anything else for my hair now. I would definitely recommend using the intense repair treatment spray along with shampoo & conditioner, I have had even better results since using them together.

There are 3 ways to purchase; as a retail customer, as a VIP customer (where you get amazing perks such as 15% off retail price, free shipping, access to flash sales, £15 refer a friend scheme, you can order products as and when you need to, you don't have to order every month). Or you can join as a market partner, you get 30% off, along with many other benefits. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, but there is a less than a 1% return rate - that's how good these products are. To join as a vip there is usually a one off £18 fee, however they are currently running an offer until Monday 13th January where the joining fee is £0, so you really do have nothing to loose by trying it smile this link tells you more detail about joining as a VIP

There is a hair and skin care quiz you can take which will recommend products depending on your personal needs.

I also started using a brush, meant for extensions (as recommended by my hairdresser friend) when detangling my wet hair, it really helped to ease the knots and minimise pulling & tearing. I use it even now that my hair loss has returned to normal!

If you have any questions about Monat then drop me a message smile x

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