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Shellyd2k1 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:07:21


So started taking cerazette 2wks ago, on first day of my period after second baby - have been bleeding ever since!! Don't know whether to stick it out and hope it'll stop but getting fed up after 15 days and doesn't appear to be getting lighter

I was on this pill after I had my daughter for around 2yrs without a bleed at all so this is a total shock for me

Soooo fed up!! Those who did bleed when first taking cerezette how long did it last?!? sad

Badgergirl123 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:01:31

Hi OP,

I bled for two months before stopping it. Was about 3 months after DD born and also felt bloated and horrible early pregnancy like symptoms too. Saw GP and moved onto combined pill with no problems at all. GP said some women really get on with progestogen and some don't.

All the best.

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