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Periods post pregnancy

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absolutehush Sun 24-Nov-19 05:50:48

I have an 8 month old, and have had three periods since the baby was born.

Each cycle has been longer than pre pregnancy (38 days as opposed to 32).

I'm now on day 42 of a cycle and gettIng anxious. I could be pregnant- I have had sex - but I have been very very careful and I would be utterly dismayed if I was.

I know the obvious thing to do w old be to take a test and I will but I'm hoping g that someone will tell me that their cycles were all over the place post partum and it's normal?

I don't even know how late I am - 10 days or 2 days? Is a test even reliable yet???


absolutehush Sun 24-Nov-19 05:57:05

Apologies for typos!

custardbear Sun 24-Nov-19 06:02:15

Everyone will be different. My first baby returned to normal quickly once periods started again, second I had massive heavy bleeding and ended up on tranexamic acid and had a Mirena coil fitted (pretty much stops periods)
You need to take a test - hope it works out ok

OhWellThatsJustGreat Sun 24-Nov-19 06:08:29

I think like custard said, everyone is different. One of my friends claims she was back to normal cycles after 3 months. On the other hand, my sons almost 5 months old and bar a random bleed in September I haven't actually had a period yet.
I do know for sure I'm not pregnant

blackteaplease Sun 24-Nov-19 06:11:20

My cycles were all over the place post partum. The cycle length extended and my period were, am5d still are awful.

However, you could be pregnant so you should take a test.

absolutehush Sun 24-Nov-19 08:49:40

Ok, thank you everyone. Will take a test today. Do you think a test will show anything? I'm between 2 or 10 days late IYSWIM?

blackteaplease Sun 24-Nov-19 08:57:42

I would test and then test again in a week to be certain.

KNMom Sun 24-Nov-19 12:03:27

I am 16 weeks post-partum and experiencing a similar lengthening of cycles - from 28 days to what is now 32 days (and still waiting - but preg test is negative). The cramps, headaches and moodiness that precede my periods also seem a lot worse than I remember them being before pregnancy. I have asked a couple of HCPs about this and was told it was normal in the first year post-partum. Fingers crossed things will get back to normal soon! And as for the OP - definitely test if in doubt, but just know this doesn't necessarily mean pregnancy.

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