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Strange thoughts

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Elhan Sat 23-Nov-19 13:47:10

I have a 10 week old baby and things have been going OK so far. The first 4 weeks were incredibly hard as she had colic and screamed every night but things have settled now and she can sometimes sleep 5-6 hours in the night and naps in the day. I felt low in the first few weeks and thought I had pnd but I think I was just hormonal and sleep deprived. Anyway I've started having thoughts of things happening to my baby that scare me. So for example if my partner does the last feed, I trust him completely but I lie in the spare room (so I can sleep) and worry the covers aren't tight enough and she'll suffocate if they go over her head. Or that If her neck isn't supported properly when being held it could snap when she moves about. Or that the soft spot on her head could be punctured by someone if they touch it too hard. Or her bottle isn't cool enough and she'll drink boiling milk. All very bizzare, I wasn't like this at the start and could go to bed and relax and sleep but now I just keep thinking weird things. Should I be worried about myself or if this normal?

abitfunny Tue 26-Nov-19 15:29:53

First of all, sorry you are experiencing this! It’s bloody horrible and can be scary, but please remember they are ONLY thoughts. Just like you can have a thought about a family member dying, or accidentally running over an animal, this is exactly the same.

Personally, and this is only coming from experience, the intrusive thoughts were unbearable for me and a massive symptom of postnatal depression. I guess it’s just a way of extreme anxiety manifesting itself.

If they worsen and you feel like it’s interfering with your day then please go to the gp. It’s the best thing I did, I’m glad I didn’t wait around for it to get worse. X

JennyK76 Tue 26-Nov-19 15:46:55

You could just be exhausted and running on fumes but these could also be symptoms of something more serious. Do you have a nurse or health visitor you can talk to? If not try and get an appointment with a specialist nurse who can talk to and get some support. Its always better to address these things sooner rather than later.

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