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Wet myself!

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curlyrebel Fri 22-Nov-19 23:57:50

So I went out for an evening with friends and had some drinks. They were in a rush to get their trains, so even though I needed the loo I left with them. Arrive at my local station (about 15 mins later) absolutely busting. Back in the day I would have been able to hold it in, but I had to run to a pub. Got to the loos but had already peed myself once in the cubicle.

Now I know why doing those pelvic floors were so vital! I had a 3rd degree tear with DC1 (now 2.5 years) and DC2 is 6 months old (Caesarian)

I was assigned to a physio after DC1s birth but I seemed fine then. Should I go back to my GP?

lettersbyowl Sat 23-Nov-19 00:06:14

Poor thing! Yes go back to your GP. You need to see a UG physio or bladder nurse, they will be able to help you smile

Insomniacscientist Sat 23-Nov-19 00:10:04

If this is the first time it’s happened this time around it might be possible that you have a urine infection. Worth ruling that out before assuming that it’s solely pelvic floor related.

Halo1234 Sat 23-Nov-19 00:27:53

If it was a one off because u didnt go when u needed and had been drinking alcohol I would start doing pelvic floors now. Try not to hold it in so long next time. Forget about it and see if it happens again. It might have just been because u were bursting. If it happens regularly go see gp. Good luck.

curlyrebel Sat 23-Nov-19 00:30:15

Thank you both. Hopefully it is just a UTI that can be easily treated but I can believe that my pelvic floor muscles are shot sad.
I'm wondering if physio would really help though or if i should just get on with doing the exercises myself. Has physio worked out well for anyone with this problem?

It's interesting but I thought having a Caesarian wouldn't affect me down below but it has since my DC2 birth.

curlyrebel Sat 23-Nov-19 00:31:57

Thanks @Halo1234. I agree. Seems to be the best thing to do.

Insomniacscientist Sat 23-Nov-19 00:36:21

@curlyrebel c-sections do not eliminate the strain on the pelvic floor that occurs throughout pregnancy. Labour is the last “attack” on the pelvic floor not the sole one

Insomniacscientist Sat 23-Nov-19 00:38:30

@curlyrebel if you are able to see the physio they can be very beneficial for people. They can examine you to work out where things are at an more importantly they check you are doing them correctly. Countless women don’t do them properly and put more strain on their pelvic floor rather than strengthening them.

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