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First proper period after baby

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Shellyd2k1 Wed 20-Nov-19 06:52:22

So I bled for 5wks after my son was born and had to wait until he was 16wks when my period finally returned... I started taking pill again on first day of period (cerezette) I'm here on day 10 and still no end in sight ... any one else have longer than normal first period after baby? I don't remember having this issue with my first daughter! Funny thing is had no cramping at first, they've only just started in last couple of days! sad

LouMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Nov-19 11:28:38

Hi there, OP. We're just bumping this for you and hopefully someone will be along soon with some advice. flowers

RKSR24 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:42:46

I've just had my first period since I gave birth 4 months ago,despite bf. It's extremely heavy and very different to normal but I expected that. Have spoken to a friend who's little on is now 7 months,her first period since giving birth has lasted 3 months & still going!!! I think like everything else we woman go through,it's different from person to person. I'm hoping mine doesn't go on for much longer as it's so heavy confused

Floooopy Fri 13-Dec-19 20:49:58

Oh god! I've just started (2 days ago) my first period - 5.5 months since birth and breast feeding. It does seem very heavy, though the first couple of days usually are for me so maybe I've just forgotten. Please don't let this last 3 months! I'm thinking about going out tomorrow and buying some maternity pads grin I miss them.

KHR1 Sun 15-Dec-19 12:53:53

My first period after birth was insanely heavy and lasted about 10 days. Tbh it wasn't far of the heaviness of my postpartum bleeding for the first few days.
I've found in the past (before having a baby) that my cerezette massively changed my cycle too though, it made it so random (initially bled lightly for about 6 weeks, week off then started again for a couple of weeks).

orangejuicer Sat 28-Dec-19 18:23:02

I'd say it's the cerazette. It made me miserable as hell bleeding every day. Can you try something else?

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 31-Dec-19 06:50:15

It probably is the pill - I don’t take it and it’s still early days but was told by my consultant not to use any hormonal contraception the first period after baby to allow my hormones time to settle.

babynunber3 Fri 17-Jan-20 16:08:49

Just wondered how you got on? I'm 6 weeks pp form section and on day 8 of bleeding (period) so fed up as I bleed heavy for like 12 hours then it stops for 12-20 hours then it starts up again! Cramps terrible in morning and at night! Bright red heavy blood!
Looking for positive story's and see this was nov so hopefully it's rectified xxx

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