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demm97 Wed 06-Nov-19 20:24:12

basically my baby is 9months born 18/1/19 by csection. I've had some issues with who the father is?i was having sex with my partner everyday then we spilt and I had sex with someone on the 15th of April 18 then after we got back together then I fell pregnant weeks later my original due date was the 27/01/19 then changed to the 24/01/19 I also was on my period around the time I had sex with the other guy. Can anyone help me to who the father can be as I'm so stressed!

rollon2020 Wed 06-Nov-19 20:45:26

When was the last time you had sex with your ex?

demm97 Wed 06-Nov-19 21:02:53

We had sex before the 15th and after the 15th like around the 17/04/18 and after that.

rollon2020 Wed 06-Nov-19 21:48:20

I think in that case a dna test can be the only way to know, I'm assuming then none of it was protected?
The sperm can live for 7 days and with that kind of overlap there's no way to be certain from the dates alone

demm97 Wed 06-Nov-19 22:24:09

Isit possible to get pregnant whilst on your period then?

rollon2020 Thu 07-Nov-19 06:17:08

Chances are slim but not impossible, if you ovulated within 7 days of unprotected sex you could be pregnant by him.

If you original due date was the 24th surely that means you period started around the 24th March? On average you ovulate two weeks after the first day of your period,
Your dates arent particularly clear on your posts.
Did you have a period after sleeping with the other guy? How long are your normal cycles?

demm97 Thu 07-Nov-19 08:21:24

So my period was the

demm97 Thu 07-Nov-19 08:23:29

So my original post was the 14th of April 18 and I bleed for 5 days but my cycle is normally 32-35 days.
Spelt with one night stand on the 15th
And boyfriend before and after that date.
Originally due date was the 27th of jan 19 then they brought it 3 days forward.

rollon2020 Fri 08-Nov-19 07:06:55

They change due dates even when you know when you ovulated. It's automatically from the date of your last period, although that's not when you ovulated.

I would say then the chances are very very slim, but not impossible, that it's the one night stand with your cycle length.

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