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babysharky Tue 29-Oct-19 21:37:56

I'm 3 months pp, had a vaginal delivery with a 2nd degree tear. I've had some issues with being unable to empty my bowels fully and leaking stools which I've been referred to pelvic floor physio. I've been constipated the last few days and On straining to poo (big mistake I know) I felt something different in my vagina, and now there is something bright red visible at the entrance. It's a bit uncomfortable and I'm worried I've had a prolapse? I'm abroad on holiday currently so will go to my GP as soon as I get home. Does this sound like a prolapse? Can I have prolapsed by straining too much?

amiapropermum Wed 06-Nov-19 17:25:34

I have a "mild" vaginal prolapse and have a visible bulge. It's not helped by straining/constipation but that won't have caused it. Go to your GP but your hormones should still be settling and you may find an improvement over time

magpie545 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:39:03

Could be a uterine prolapse and rectocele ? I'm 3 months pp too and I have a mild bladder prolapse after having my first baby (I might have a rectocele too) I'm only 23 too, it is a difficult thing to come to terms with. Download nhs squeezy app and do kegels 3-4x - day, it took me nearly three months for the worst of my symptoms to go. I could hardly walk at first and it felt so awful but now as the months have gone by I've noticed a huge improvement and hoping for more, in due to go to physio on the 20th of this month. Try and keep good posture! Exhale as you pick up your baby and tighten your pelvic floor while carrying anything heavy and always exhale as you pick something up. Squeeze your pelvic floor as you go to sit and squeeze before you stand. Try your best not to push when in the toilet, take senna if you have to and try not to get in your own head when it comes to this, it massively affected my mental health and still does but I try my best to not let it bother me, get yourself to physio and try to stay positive xxx

magpie545 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:40:53

Also when your breast feeding your symptoms are worse as when you breast feed there's a hormone in your body that causes laxity so when you finally decide to finish breast feeding you'll notice more improvement hopefully. I stopped after two weeks but not because of the prolapse but because he wouldn't latch was too stressful lol xxx

magpie545 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:44:37

Also lol sorry for commenting so much but it's probably due to carrying a baby and birth but other things add to prolapse like straining, lifting heavy etc I got my prolapse 1 week after the birth of my son, i think loads of things add to it. If you do your kegels and get your strength up things should hold up better. I have 2/5 pelvic strength which is considered week, if I get it to a 5 things might feel loads better for me, get your pelvic strength up and even sex will be better but will take some time, things might be worse in your period or just before your period if it's a uterine prolapse due to hormones xxx

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