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9 weeks pp no period

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disneymummy44 Fri 19-Jul-19 08:58:11

I had my little girl 9 weeks ago and still haven't had a period yet. Is this normal or should I be concerned that I haven't started yet.

HonniBee Fri 19-Jul-19 09:00:30

Is your baby breast or formula fed?

MissRabbitNeedsAHoliday Fri 19-Jul-19 09:02:11

Are you breast feeding? I didn't have a period until DD was 9 months old.

xtinak Fri 19-Jul-19 09:02:38

Probably normal either way but if breastfed then definitely. 8 months on mine is not back yet.

Kungfupanda67 Fri 19-Jul-19 09:03:02

My daughter is 7 months and I haven’t had one yet

disneymummy44 Fri 19-Jul-19 09:06:26

Sorry I forgot to say, she's formula fed.

WingBingo Fri 19-Jul-19 09:08:25

Totally normal. It can be months even if you are ff

LittleDoveLove Fri 26-Jul-19 22:31:22

Mine came back after 11 weeks , I thought it was never going to return!

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