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Feeling overall crap after giving birth

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Paige26x Tue 16-Jul-19 22:58:55

Just curious if any of you ladies have had the same experience as me & if you have any tips to boost myself to feel good like relaxation techniques or anything, so I gave birth to my beautiful daughter 4 months ago going on 5, but ever since I’ve just felt so crap! When I say crap I mean always looking tired & ugly also feeling it, no matter how much I make an effort I just look in the mirror and think oh my. Don’t get me wrong I know being a mum it’s harder to look after yourself but you know it’s nice to feel good, people can slate me all they like on here lol but yes I do like getting my nails done I do like getting my hair done etc, but my daughter comes first of course. Belly still sags & go through phases of mild depression also, no matter how much I try give myself a boost just feel so so shitty😩 and the loneliness of being a mum too doesn’t make anything better. Overall I just feel so shit any tips ladies on how to boost your self esteem back up? Just because I now have a daughter doesn’t mean I can’t feel good about myself by looking after myself for those mums who slate it.. my daughter gets everything she needs and more!! Just need a boost myself🙄

Anon230982 Mon 22-Jul-19 13:30:25

Hi there.....being a mum is tough, and you do need to make sure you give yourself at least a couple of hours a week just for "you time," whatever that means for you, be it getting your hair/nails done etc. Don't feel guilty about this, it will help improve your mood. Sounds to me like you feel a bit isolated as well, would it help if you get out in the morning to some babyclubs? I found with my first son I had to build a firm daily structure in place, so we'd go to a group in the morning, then he'd have lunch, and down for a lunchtime snooze at 12.30 - 2.30. Then maybe a little stroll in the afternoon. You need to make sure you're socialising, otherwise it can feel as though you've had a previous life! But this stage doesn't last very long in real're already past the toughest bit (the first three months) and hopefully you can begin to give yourself a bit more focus. If you continue to feel low, perhaps it would be worth seeing your GP? You may have a bit of postpartum depression......I had it quite badly with my first son and the GP put me on a low dose of ant-depressants which really helped. Just remember, you're not a machine; you need to feel good too. Then you'll enjoy things more. If looking good is important to you and makes you feel more positive then that's great. Perhaps it might help to write down a list of things you'd like to do, people who make you feel good and then consider how you can build that into your life. All the best,

Taichipandas Mon 22-Jul-19 13:38:16

Sorry you are feeling crap op. Might be good to to your gp and get a blood test to rule out iron deficiency etc. Then have a talk about pnd and see if you need ads. They may give some info on baby groups too. You sound as though you could do with a bit of support. Trouble is with this sort of thing is that you have to fight for help for yourself when you are feeling at your crappiest, which is not at all easy, so tell people you need support. Don't be embarrassed and don't give up or allow them to fob you off. What's good for you is good for the baby!

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