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Constipation help

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Simpled Thu 11-Jul-19 20:00:58

I’m sorry for the horrible topic but I’m really struggling

I give birth 14 weeks ago and I’ve had brutal constipation since, I’ve always struggled with constipation and have a ‘lazy bowel’ but this is something else! I had a massive poo on Saturday which blocked the toilet and I was in agony for over an hour trying to part with it as it was stuck and so dry (sorry tmi) I was in tears it was awful.

I had one more movement a day later and since then I haven’t. I’m in agony I can barely walk and have stomach pains now! Although I’m not sure if that’s from the CosmoCol? Has anyone had stomach pains from taking this? I’m debating whether to take another one but I’m worried it’s going to get worse.

I have suppositories but they never seem to work for me, I’m not sure where I go wrong with these as everyone on here recommends them?

I also have some senokot which I’m gunna take, does anyone know any good combinations to take? I just need relief fast sad

I feel so guilty as well as my LG is going to my mums shortly for the night as I can’t cope as I’m back and forth from the loo and my DH is unable to use a hol tomorrow (but that’s another story!) today has been awful, please any recommendations would be great.

Also I’m aware of prunes, apples etc - it’s too late for diet as I’ve tried all them - I have a fairly ok diet. it’s starting to feel like contractions! Please help!

KittyMcTitty Mon 15-Jul-19 22:01:25

Is it worth a call to your doctor?
That is the worst!
On a gentler note I always found peppermint tea helped with trapped wind!
Lactulose was a more regular gentle alternative but you don’t want to overdose either! Have you take any painkillers? Hope you get sorted fast!!

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