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C-section recovery

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BibbleBrain Mon 15-Jul-19 13:24:31

Hospital made me walk on day 1 as they have a policy of trying to reduce c section stays.

I’ve recovered from two and I went for a walk at five days both times but it was slow going. My husband did nursery runs for first two weeks and my mum and in-laws helped for a week each I could manage solo at four. I was told I had healed exceptionally well.

Don’t feel guilty - you didn’t ask for this! We told our 40 month old that the baby needed a special door just like he had to get out and that the doctors had had to close it up so it was ouchy and Mummy needed him to climb up to her and walk up the stairs like the big boy he was. It seemed to work.

Admittedly mine was planned due to complications so we had lead time but his only questions were can the baby have a brown door? And was my door white like our front door?!

I put baby in a newborn ergobaby mesh with a baby wearing coat over the top which was much easier than trying to manoeuvre the pram through nursery.

crosser62 Wed 10-Jul-19 09:35:46

Yes I was pushing the prank through the snow to take older child to and from school at about 7 or 8 days post c section.
I just took pain killers half an hour before setting off.
I actually had no choice, there was only me to do the school run.

Actually that cold fresh air was the best thing ever.

My coat wouldn’t do up as I was still huge from the pregnancy too so I got the full force of that January weather, was lush smile

Phillipa12 Wed 10-Jul-19 09:35:04

Do you have a back up plan for if you get to school and are too sore to walk back? Because if you dont and have to walk it you will put your recovery back by a couple of weeks. Everyones different, try a 10 min walk and see how you feel. The more rest you get now the quicker you will heal, personally i would wait till monday. (Have had 4 sections and learnt the hard way after no 2)

Emmy1206 Wed 10-Jul-19 09:29:37

I had a c-section on the 4th July it was planned and everything went well me and baby were both out of hospital the both after, my partner has only recently got a new job so hasn’t been allowed any time off only the day our son was born and the day after for us coming home, with already having a 4 year old and bring a baby home was hard enough trying to explain to my 4 year old that mummy can pick him up yet, I’m just wondering when people started to go out for walks I’ve asked the midwife and they just say when your ready take it easy but I’m stuck in the house all day everyday for the last 6 days and it’s driving me round the bend my partner is working and doesn’t get home till late. I’m think even if I can get out to just do the school run it’s getting me out the house for at least an hour a day.
I had my first son natural and was out and about after a week and I had a 3rd degree tear with him but this time round I’m feeling quite low and guilty that I can take my son to school or pick him up and don’t want him to think I’m just staying at home with the baby and not bothering with him. My wound is clean and healing well the midwife have said it’s just every bruised which I think is what the discomfort is rather then the actually wound, I don’t quite know if I feel ready to go for a walk but I don’t think you would until you tried it.
Has anyone had the same and been up and about so early on family and friends are telling me it far to early to be doing thing at 6 days post section but I need to start somewhere right?

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