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Night sweats

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CLMcKit Mon 08-Jul-19 05:10:19

My baby is now 2 weeks 5 days old and on a night I'm suffering with really bad sweating. I never got it with my daughter but this time round its horrendous. Is this normal?

newmummah Mon 08-Jul-19 05:33:24

Yes, I had this after my little one was born. It was horrible. My doctor said it was completely normal as it's the bodies was of getting rid of the extra fluid you carry while pregnant. Sorry to say but it lasted a good six weeks for me, it did stop eventually though !

TwittleBee Mon 08-Jul-19 05:44:19

Was wondering this too, didn't know if it was post partum related or this muggy weather we are having though! Didn't have it with my first either!

CLMcKit Mon 08-Jul-19 08:17:54

Thanks ladies... it's awful isn't it. I thought it was that but wasnt sure how long it would last. X

MsMustDoBetter Mon 08-Jul-19 08:19:45

I used to sleep on a towel and change my vest half way through the night.

It's awful, but will stop.

meepmoop Mon 08-Jul-19 08:42:03

I slept on a towel to and had my top of so it would soak leaks up to. It's grim but will pass

Littleguggi Mon 08-Jul-19 16:40:04

Ahh I've been experiencing the same and this explains why, thank you!

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