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Really struggling

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khalisey Sat 06-Jul-19 09:39:46


New member/mum here so I apologise for not knowing many of the abbreviations and lingo so please bear with me!

Gave birth on 26th June to a gorgeous little boy and for the first few days, I was on cloud nine with him not believing how perfect he was. However since Tuesday my mental health has plummeted dramatically. I know the baby blues affect nearly every mother but I'm so, so terrified it's worse than that. It's so bad that I'm constantly on edge. And I only seem to be relaxed to a point when the baby is asleep or being looked after by someone else but then I start getting anxious when he begins to wake up or when it's time for the person who's taking care of him to leave/time for me to go home.

I do have my last midwife appointment today but I almost want to beg them to not discharge me because I'm so utterly terrified of being without the medical support.

I know baby blues seems to peter off around the two week mark but I can't stress enough how frightened I am of the feelings I'm having.


JustLikeJasper Sat 06-Jul-19 09:41:41

Congratulations on your little boy,
Be really honest with the midwife today explain everything yo have on here to her. Shes there to help you just as much as the baby x

Fridaycantsleepdoh1 Sat 06-Jul-19 09:43:47

Be honest with her today, she will totally understand.... it’s the one of the reasons they stay for so long after! Be honest with her...: good luck OP xx

mrshadders Sat 06-Jul-19 09:48:06

@khalisey I really feel for you. I could've written this, I gave birth to my daughter on 27th. The first week passed in a fog of sadness and hormones and I am now coming out the other side. Yesterday was the first day I didn't cry. I haven't been signed off by the midwives yet and they have said they won't until I'm ready. I would be honest and tell them how you're feeling. Do you have any support? I did NCT so the group chat we have is invaluable as they are all going through the same feelings and it's totally normal!
PM me if you want to talk more thanks

khalisey Sat 06-Jul-19 18:36:41

Thank you all. The appointment was a success in terms of speaking to her about how I'm feeling. She referred me and eventually I got to see a couple of mental health nurses who are going to get me the support I need (IAPT counselling etc) and speak to my GP about getting me onto antidepressants as they feel like it's much more than just "baby blues" which is what I was afraid the midwife would suggest was wrong with me. Finally, I feel like I'm not drowning under my own fear - I'm being taken seriously and hopefully get the help I need to get better.

Ruby3105 Tue 09-Jul-19 14:01:44

Hi, how are you feeling? I felt the same after the birth of my son nearly 6 weeks ago. I can't put into words how terrified I was by my own feelings and how all consuming the anxiety and sadness can be. I realise now, through sites like this, how many women feel something similar to some degree. You are not alone at all. I am still struggling but it does get easier and you will feel better. Hope you are ok x

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