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Cold sore worries

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Genzymoo Fri 05-Jul-19 08:43:23

Hi all

I'm hoping for a bit of reassurance as I've sent myself on a bit of a spiral of worry.

My DD2 is 9 days old, born by c-section. I have had coldsores since about 2 days pre birth, through to now. I have always suffered from coldsores for as long as I can remember.

I today read about neonatal herpes and the risks to a newborn baby of transmission, and how you should not kiss your baby if you have a cold sore. I didn't realise, and stupidly thought she was protected by antibodies she will have got from me.

I have called midwifes, who have spoken to doctors, who say there is a small risk, but they won't do anything at this stage unless/until she becomes symptomatic.

But I can switch off the worrying and have got myself worked up. Has anyone had any similar experiences?


DannyWallace Fri 05-Jul-19 21:13:57

I had a few cold sores-postnatally I've had one when DD was around a week old, one when she was around a month and one a few months after that. I get them when I'm run down.

Especially the first one, I was so so worried. My hands were so painful due to the amount of washing/alcohol gel I was using after I read up on it.
But...DD thankfully never caught anything.
I kept reminding myself that these stories are so sad and heartbreaking-but very rare!
Btw id never used them before but I found the Compede covers gave me piece of mind and they seem to work well on me. Also, if you get them often would your GP maybe prescribe the tablets so you're not so symptomatic?

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