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PP Smear

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MissMini Tue 02-Jul-19 17:52:41

Hi guys, hoping this is the right thread for this post! I’ve just been for a smear and it’s been 14 weeks since DS was born - the nurse tried 3 times with different sized instruments and couldn’t get a clear view of my cervix. She says it’s nothing to worry about and asked me to make a dr appointment to get it done. Ofcourse I’m having a panic about it now - has this happened to anyone else?

takemetomars Tue 02-Jul-19 17:57:30

practice nurse and smear taker here.

Please don't worry, it may be that she has not got the experience required to find a cervix which may be 'hiding'. Someone else will find it!!

I have been taking smears for 21 years and will be unable to find a cervix approx once every 5 years so it does happen. It does NOT mean there is a problem but I do acknowledge that it is a PIA!!

MissMini Tue 02-Jul-19 18:07:16

Thank you so much @takemetomars! The nurse was very experienced so I guess I’m just her one in 5 years - that’s just my luck ;)

Hopefully when I go back to GP in a couple of weeks they can get it.

takemetomars Tue 02-Jul-19 19:37:18


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