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Lochia / pp bleeding - chunks of black jelly

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RC000 Tue 02-Jul-19 07:51:27

Hi all,
Sorry for TMI. I had second DC 3 weeks ago. Am still bleeding but much lighter (very little). A few days ago I passed a large (10cmish) long stringy black thing and then yesterday I felt something coming and passec a chunk of black jelly around the same size as a 50p.

Should I be worried or is this normal? Do not remember with my first. I have no temp or tummy ache. But since googling I am worried I may have an infection or that I will suddenly just start to bleed loads when I am by myself (as happened to some poor woman on mn!) I have been discharged by midwives so presuming I would call HV (would they know?!) Or GP.


Oh, i have pictures but was unsure whether to post as rather grim!

MissMini Tue 02-Jul-19 18:01:43

You could call HV but I suspect they’ll say to speak to GP. Definitely worth speaking to them - even if it’s nothing they’ll put your mind at ease.

Congrats on new arrival by the way!

Spanneroo Tue 02-Jul-19 18:16:16

I had this intermittently with my second and was still bleeding a little at my 6 week check (Which was at 8 weeks pp). I was referred for an internal scan, but the day before, I passed the most disgusting lump of mummified tissue, about the size of a small egg. It smelled revolting and was rock hard. Bleeding stopped within an hour of it.

Definitely go to your GP, but it could just be your body doing its job, so try not to worry.

Congrats on your new baby!

RC000 Wed 03-Jul-19 09:47:37

Thank you!

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