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Alcohol free wine / beer

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Flamingosnbears Sat 29-Jun-19 20:34:01

Can you drink alcohol free wine or beer when breastfeeding?...


Flamingosnbears Sun 30-Jun-19 06:50:15


Anyone know...

ContraryToPopularBelief Sun 30-Jun-19 06:50:53

I can't see why not.

randomsabreuse Sun 30-Jun-19 06:57:43

Yep. Also the real stuff if you're not so tired 1 drop has you snoring...

Silversky70 Sun 30-Jun-19 07:07:22

You can drink alcohol too, I believe.

notacooldad Sat 13-Jul-19 23:08:10

I was on an alcohol awareness course through work two weeks ago and the subject of drinking while pregnant and breast feeding came up.
Current thinking is that it is ok to drink ( obviously not binge or heavy) while breast feeding as the body metabolizes the alcohol before it gets to the baby.
I can't comment further than that except this came from an alcohol and drugs charity that are up to date with research.

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