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Mother with Separation Anxiety

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Gorillaandme Fri 28-Jun-19 20:08:48

I had always planned to be at home with my daughter until she was 3. But now at 15 months we are really struggling for money and I'm being forced to find a part time job. The thought of leaving my daughter is making me extremely anxious. I really don't want to leave her and I've been desperately searching for jobs I could do for a bit of extra money well looking after her with no luck. Am I just crazy? Does anyone else feel this way?

KittyMcTitty Wed 10-Jul-19 20:10:27

This is perfectly normal! But if you do decide to work and put your child in a childcare setting they thrive and love it and it makes the time you spend together even more special. I doubt you will find it any easier at 3. Rest assured most mums feel like this but it soon becomes normal and you realise the benefits they get from another setting x

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