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Changing address - postnatal care

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Harley8888 Tue 22-Jan-19 13:28:37


So I've been registered at the same GP since I was a child under my parents address.

I don't live in that area anymore but have been having all my midwife appointments etc there. I didn't want to change addresses and register to a new GP as I really like the midwives and also the health visitor is FANTASTIC.

I don't know what to do when the baby comes as obviously there'll be community midwives and health visitor visits but I need them to come to my house and not my parents house?! Do I give the hospital my new address or do I actually have to unregister from my GP if I do that?

Merrydoula Thu 24-Jan-19 10:42:47

@Harley8888 give the hospital your new address and they will give this to the local team in your area. No need to change GP address

Merrydoula Thu 24-Jan-19 10:43:56

Or just say your staying elsewhere for a few days when you give birth

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