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First poop after c-section

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clairerow7 Tue 06-Mar-18 03:12:38

It's been 5 days... I need to go, it's there but I can't go!!!!
Help me please?! I need to push but obviously can't.

First post and way TMI!! Sorry... just desperate

MrsMotherHen Tue 06-Mar-18 03:18:30

prunes prunes prunes or get some senna.

DressingGown Tue 06-Mar-18 03:20:26

I’m 3 weeks post CS - so I have recent experience of this!. Drink lots of water and it’ll happen. I’m on iron tablets which really didn’t help. Get Fibogel and or lactulose and you’ll be fine. Good luck!

SevenOf1981 Tue 06-Mar-18 03:37:07

I was wearing a huge sanitary pad in my pants to protect my scar at this point. Hold it against yourself tightly when you need to go.
This made me feel much more 'reinforced'! Consider raising your knees up too so you have to push as little as possible!

DrunkUnicorn Tue 13-Mar-18 17:03:47

Lactulose (But not too much.. You don't want an explosive poo iykwim) and drink lots and lots of water. Also get one of those little plastic footstools and rest your feet on it in the loo... knees above pelvis level

Hope this helps!

CoffeeAndCupcakes85 Fri 16-Mar-18 14:18:33

I ended up using glycerol suppositories. You can get these OTC from Boots. I simply couldn't push as it was too painful and I was so blocked up sad

BeyondThePage Fri 16-Mar-18 14:20:15

Take Laxido and plenty of water.

MustBeThursday Fri 16-Mar-18 14:21:56

I took lactulose. But it's a fine balance between too much and not enough grin

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