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What happens after you tell your GP that you have PND?

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NoIDontWantToBuildASnowman Sat 24-Feb-18 13:01:02

So I’ve got PND. I’m pretty sure. It’s hit me hard this week in particular, but it’s been growing since my 8month DD was born. I can’t seem to stop crying, I feel guilty about everything, my DD is so wonderful but I’m just not feeling the joy. I feel empty.

I know I should go to my GP and ask for help. I don’t particularly want to, I’ve always been more of a “snap out of it and get the hell on with life” kinda woman, but it isn’t just about me anymore.

But, and here’s my plea for help, what happens once I have walked through the door and said “I’ve got PND”. People will know. People will judge me. My useless health visitor will get involved won’t she? What if Social Services get involved? What happens if I have another baby, will I be under extra care or have extra appointments .. basically will this hang over me forever and I’ll always be “oh she had PND so she’s a crap mum and we need to watch her”.

Can anyone give me any advice or reassurance or snap me out of this?

user1493721527 Wed 14-Mar-18 10:08:57

Hi I was diagnosed with PND after having my first (he's 18 months now) I did have a few extra visits of midwife and health visitor but they were all really supportive they didn't judge or put me down and make me feel worse, I also had to see a mental health nurse (that's how bad I was suffering) and that helped a lot just being able to talk to someone different, I was put on medication as well but stopped taking them when my little one was 6 months old, I've just given birth to my second child she's 11 days old and I haven't had any extra appointments or people watching me, they ask how I'm feeling but this time round I feel completely fine. I've never had social services involved. I honestly wouldn't worry to much, I do advise you see your gp tho as it will only get worse. No one will judge you it's just one of those things. Hope your okay x

Dinosauratemydaffodils Wed 14-Mar-18 10:17:48

I had a series of massive meltdowns after ds was born including one in front of the GP at his 8 week check up. He put in an urgent referral to adult mental health and that was pretty much it.

No social services, I'm pregnant again and am still seeing the psychologist/psychiatrist from before so no extra referrals. Same amount of midwife appointments and have seen a consultant but that's because ds was an emcs. The consultant did bring up mental health but primarily to check I was getting support from somewhere so if this time I'm suicidal/trying to leave a baby in NICU they know who to call. Psychiatrist has said he's happy to write a prescription for anti-depressants and to do maternity hospital visits if any concerns on my part/dh's or the midwives.

Feezles Wed 14-Mar-18 10:21:43

Please go.

I honestly nearly cried reading your post, because this could have been me, and I didn't go. It took over 2 years to leave me and I'm still scared it will come back. I wish I had asked for help. All the things you are scared of, I was scared of. Now I can look back with a clear head, they would never have been worse than what I was dealing with and the toll it took on me and my DH.

NickyNora Mon 19-Mar-18 13:40:35

I was given Prozac for 2.5 years. Ds was 8 months at the time.
HV never came round. SS was never involved.

The medication helped.

Take careflowers

ElspethFlashman Mon 19-Mar-18 13:47:17

No, I never had a call from anyone. Was put on anti-ds and had a check up after each month to see how I was (they would only give one months worth so i had to come back)

I suspect there would only be HV involvement if the baby was a newborn or if there was a danger to the baby or yourself. But the vast majority of PND cases arebt like that, its just silent misery, and there's no danger. And Gps are aware of that.

Going to the GP was the hardest thing ive ever done, but I wish I'd gone sooner.

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