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Mrstobe90 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:47:47


I gave birth on Saturday and have noticed that I have a bit of a vagina prolapse. It's not major but uncomfortable and annoying.

Is it likely to correct itself over time with pelvic floor exercises or should I see my gp?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Mrstobe90 Thu 15-Feb-18 13:58:19


acquiescence Sat 03-Mar-18 11:21:54

I have the same. I saw my Gp at 4 week pp and they said it is early Days and can get better. I’m very upset and stressed about it. I’m now 6 weeks pp and due to have 6 week check and see women’s physio this week (standard after 3rd degree tear).

You could see GP but expect to be told it’s normal bla bla. If you’re not under a women’s physio post birth you could request a referral.

Please feel free to message me for support if needed!

LucreziaBoredYa Sun 04-Mar-18 15:20:55

Oh OP, I haven't experienced it but my BF has. Get to the GP ASAP I'd say and press your case. Don't be fobbed off.

Mrstobe90 Sun 04-Mar-18 20:10:44

@acquiescence I'm sorry you're going through this too and I'm sorry that your GP won't take it seriously. Does your surgery have another GP that you could talk to?

@LucreziaBoredYa I'm going to see my GP tomorrow smile fingers crossed they fix it!

Flowerseverywhere Sun 18-Mar-18 09:22:33

I have this too. I gave birth 5 months ago. I got the GP to check at my check 9 weeks pp and she confirmed it is a bladder prolapse. She got me to come back 6 weeks later as she said it can take 9 months for your body to go back to normal, esp if you are breastfeeding. Keep up your pelvic floor exercises as they really help. Your GP might want you to wait a bit before referring you on to a uro gynaecologist (I’m seeing one at the end of this month) to see if things resolve themselves as they often do. Don’t lose heart, you are not the only one with this, you may well find if you mention it to a friend they will say they had it or know someone who has - it’s horribly common. Congratulations on your baby by the way!

acquiescence Sun 18-Mar-18 11:17:35

Hi @flowers
Can I ask if your prolapse has shown some improvement since you first noticed it? Do you have symptoms from it? Thanks.
I’m now 8 weeks PP and have seen a women’s physio who has said it is too early to diagnose but looks like bladder and rectum prolapse. Did they grade yours?

acquiescence Sun 18-Mar-18 11:18:04

How are you getting in @mrstobe?

acquiescence Sun 18-Mar-18 11:18:17

Getting on I meant to ask!

Mrstobe90 Sun 18-Mar-18 14:21:39


Glad to hear it can go back to normal. I'm 5 weeks pp and still have it. It's not major but I want it sorting. I've got my 6 week appointment on the 4th of April so will get the gp to look at it.
I really don't want surgery.

Flowerseverywhere Sun 18-Mar-18 19:17:42

Hi @acquiescence. Yes it does feel much better than straight after the birth and the couple of months after. It differs from day to day, sometimes I hardly notice it and other days it is pretty uncomfortable. It feels like I’ve got a tampon in wrong and I can feel it coming down (urgh). Standing and bending over seem to be worst - oh and walking down hills. I’m trying not to do too much lifting but obviously with a baby it’s tricky! No, it’s not been graded yet. Was the WH physio helpful? My GP mentioned they recommend weights?! I really found/find MN boards such a comfort about this - I was horrified when I first realised there was a problem!

Flowerseverywhere Sun 18-Mar-18 19:18:43

By the way OP, I got the feeling from the GP that surgery is the final course of action if physio and PFEs don’t sort it out so don’t worry.

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