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7months after birth

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mehhh Mon 12-Feb-18 23:08:17


I wasn't sure where I should post this.

I have posted about the same issue a good while ago.

I had my daughter 29 weeks ago, I had a long 20 hour labour with an episiotomy 16 hours in, I had some tearing and an episiotomy... This may be a long one I will start from the beginning..

I was very sore for quite a while after birth, I didn't have my proper 6-8 week check (for myself), I think it was probably around 12 weeks when I went to the doctors first with heavy discharge (unlike me) and still sore, they took a swab and gave me emollient cream to wash with to soothe the area, I was expecting there to be an infection but there wasn't, so I left it a month or so and went back again and saw a different doctor, she took another swab, checked the outside area, said there was some granulation tissue but she didn't want to look inside so she didn't cause discomfort, to see what the results were from the swab and go back if it continued, was also advised that breastfeeding can cause hormones and result in excessive discharge. No infection from the swab again

AnywAy my dd started to refuse the breast so I am no longer breast feeding, the discharge has reduced and I'm not in as much general discomfort as I was, i went back to the doctors for a third time (4 weeks ago), they took another swab, and examined externally and (attempted) to internally, the granulation tissue was mentioned again and she tried to use speculum to examine internally but this wouldn't go in, she examined with fingers and could feel where I was sore etc she said it was red and fresh bloody etc (this is to the right where my episiotomy was) and to wait 12 weeks and go back if it's not better(if still sore and unable to have sex)

it's already been 7 months, I will be 9 months by the time I'm going back, surely it should have healed by now?

I have been unable to have sex since my daughter was born, we have tried a number of times, it's fine at the start but then it's like there is a lump or something internally which is stopping it from going in (which is also painful)

How long was it before you healed after episiotomy/birth? And how long till sex etc? What would you do in this situation? I am thinking of going private for advice but I am concerned re the cost, any ideas on costs of this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance flowers

user1496521049 Tue 13-Feb-18 19:03:27

Hi I had an episiotomy as had forcep delivery. My stitches came apart by day 5 and I got in faction so slightly different to you. I was checked and constantly told that it will heal naturally and no need to restitch!! I think I spent about 10 weeks going to the docs each week as it never felt like it was getting any better plus I still couldn't sit down! I was referred to a gyne who said it was healing fine. Fast forward to being 6 months pp and I still wasn't fully right. Me and my husband only started to try to have sex after about 6 months. I was referred back to the gyne and ended up having silver nitrate applied to the scar as I had granulation tissue. Although it was uncomfortable for a day or two it has made the world of difference. I would suggest going back to your gp and getting referred. Maybe suggest silver nitrate for your granulation tissue

FartnissEverbeans Sun 25-Feb-18 16:46:32

I had an episiotomy which healed very well with no pain, but I still wasn't able to have sex for ten months. It's more or less back to normal now but for a long time sex was incredibly painful.

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