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Pelvic floor exercises - help!

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MrsT23 Thu 25-Jan-18 15:41:05

Hi, I had my first baby girl 12 days ago now, it was quite a traumatic birth with an episiotomy, forceps and a large amount of blood loss so I have been out of action pretty much since. My midwife kept saying about doing pelvic floor exercises but I was still in so much pain down below I couldn't bring myself to do it. Now feeling much better I have been trying but it's almost like I can't feel my pelvic floor to exercise it.. has anybody else had this issue or have any advice on how to get things moving? Thanks 😊

smellsofelderberries Thu 25-Jan-18 22:23:29

Get to the GP and request a referral to a specialist women’s health physio. She will be able to check you out and give you exercises. It definitely takes a long time to be able to coordinate your muscles again, everything is still very stretched (and probably swollen!) so I would do them lying down for a while until you can feel a bit more. It was a few months until I started to actually feel my pelvic floor was responding! Congratulations!

smellsofelderberries Thu 25-Jan-18 22:23:59

I meant congratulations on your baby, not your weak pelvic floor 😂😂

MrsT23 Fri 26-Jan-18 16:51:16

😂😂 thank you! That's a good idea, I am trying to do them it's just so difficult knowing where to direct the energy especially when you get nothing back! I'm seeing the gp in two weeks so if it's no better then I'll ask. Thanks x

noodlmcdoodl Sat 27-Jan-18 11:50:18

That's exactly how my PF muscles felt... I can't recall how long it lasted for though, certainly weeks, if not longer.

As PP says get a referral to a WH Physio - don't wait until you see your GP though. My referral was sorted over the phone after I asked to speak to a GP who specialised in women's health issues. Like you I also had a traumatic birth (3b tear) so my GP made an urgent referral. I first saw the Physio @ 5 weeks PP and I'm still under her care.

Don't panic if you can't hold anything either... I couldn't hold wind and leaked wee and poo, it's normal (but no one tells you this stuff). Everything is pretty much back to normal now (13 months on). It has taken a lot of time and effort and I now view PF exercises as being like teeth cleaning: something that has to be done daily for life.

If you have a smart phone I highly recommend the NHS Squeezy app. It'll remind you to do your PF exercises and works you through them. It also advises how to do them... and there's a section where your Physio will be able to add a tailored programme in.

Even though you can't feel anything, militantly stick with trying your exercises... not only will they help to build your muscle strength back up but it'll stimulate blood flow and help with healing.

MonkeyShef Mon 12-Feb-18 09:14:52

Thanks for encouragement @noodlmcdoodl. I'm 14 months in after a 3b tear too (that was properly repaired!) and had really good physio. But still find PF exercises really difficult and had an embarrasing and shaming experience a month back taking part in a run which really knocked me.

I'd resisted the 'squeezy' app because it's not free and I'm a cheapskate and just put reminders in my phone four times a day but I'm not religious with them so I think Squeezy may be worth the minor investment.

PF is difficult because it can't be seen - physios are amazing at helping you know when you are engaging it and recommending exercises. It's just tricky to remember that feeling a few months down the line!

Physio and HV also said - "It's not normal for you to leak forever" so don't just accept it - get exercising and it will improve! We just have to work hard to get better.

MrsT23 Mon 12-Feb-18 10:22:38

That's all really good to know. I'm now 4 weeks on from having baby and doctor has said to leave it another 2 weeks before they will look at any treatment... that being said I've been doing my exercises every time I feed baby and that seems to be helping (every two and a half hours), fingers crossed by the time of next check it won't come to anything more! Nobody tells you about this stuff before birth! 🙈

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