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8 weeks jabs and baby still not better..Advice please

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Queenofkids88 Sat 13-Jan-18 14:31:53

Hi Ds2 now 10 weeks had his first jabs done on Thursday. Had to have paramedics out that eve due to swelling and blotted rash and high pitch screaming continue ously for over an hour. (Heartbreaking) ds2 still not good still running high temp but worried to keep giving calpol and every time he's wakes he either whimpers or crys. Swelling a d blotchy skin went by the Friday morning and paramedics said possible allergic reaction to jabs

I feel so helpless can anyone give some promising advice on how to make him happy again or at least comfortable when awake. My Ds1 is 8years old so forgotten everything.

Thankyou smile

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