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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.


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Dscarl07 Sun 07-Jan-18 21:58:26

Hello all,
I’m wondering if anyone has experienced post natal depression, how did you cope and what did you find that helped over come it?
Thank you in advance!

AriadneThread Mon 08-Jan-18 16:16:20

Just to say thinking of you. Can't help as I am going through it right now except to say that there are specific perinatal mental health services so ask your GP or health visitor. Also PANDAS have a helpline and local groups

Haysoph Mon 08-Jan-18 16:23:36

Hi I went through this with my daughter was a very hard time as I also suffer with social anxiety. I got help from mums in mind. Maybe you could give them a call. They show you all the help you can get and in a way just lead you in the right direction. There is lots they can offer you and they really understand as many of them have struggled themselves . Your boy along many women feel the way you do. It really helped me at the time as I did not no where to turn.
My daughter is now 3 will be 4 in March and I no longer feel like I did back then. Was a very hard time. Please try and get some help

Haysoph Mon 08-Jan-18 16:24:50

That was meant to say your not alone not your boy along oops sorry

rainbowgirl2016 Mon 08-Jan-18 17:55:08

You are not alone. I think I may have pnd. I had it with my first and I feel like I'm struggling now I've had my 2nd baby. Hugs x

Charlieislovely Mon 08-Jan-18 20:16:04

First of all - sorry to hear you’re going through this. It’s hard enough having to look after a baby 24/7, but a baby plus PND is bloody hard. My little boy is 6 months old now & I cannot begin to tell you how difficult my experience has been. If you haven’t already, open up to anyone you feel you can talk to. Definitely make a trip to your GP & tell them how you’re feeling. Getting it off your chest makes a big difference. Your GP will go through some options with you. Again I’m not sure if you do this already but try to get out of the house once a day, even if it’s just a walk around the block. Nothing clears your head more than some fresh air! I also found listening to some ‘mum’ podcasts helpful and lighthearted, takes your mind off things. Try to join a group or two for you & baby to go to - being around other mums with their babies will make you feel less alone. It’s important for you to get some rest without your phone, feet up & a nice cup of tea, put your favourite tv show or film on whilst the baby is sleeping. How old is your little one? Honestly I have been there, it’s hard and you can feel so lonely but it WILL get better. I’m not fully recovered but I feel ten times better than I did a few months ago x

Bexx30 Fri 12-Jan-18 14:22:00

Hello I am going through the same, it’s awful time! I went to the GP he put me on medication, and I’m going to consuelling! Hopefully this will help me a little bit but at the moment doesn’t seem to be getting better and it’s so hard all I want to do is cryconfused but I still have faith seen as through I’m really low and that!!

allthecheese Sat 13-Jan-18 21:14:38

I'm 5 days into parenthood and feel myself sinking. I feel it may be the start of PND (I had a lot of anxiety during pregnancy). So you aren't alone. The above comments have really helped me. I need to tell my community midwives and get myself to the GP.

Mine tends to come along in the evening, at 8ish, and is anxiety about lack of sleep, not being able to cope and never having a lie in again.

xxrealistmumxx Tue 16-Jan-18 08:38:30

Again just want to say you're not alone.

My third is 4.5 months old and I've been shocked to find myself struggling with pnd this time round after having two other children and no symptoms.

Tbh I was doing everything I could to help my mental health - eating well, getting out in the fresh air, going to groups, yoga, taking time for myself....but still my mood was low, I felt like I couldn't cope and was hovering on a ledge. In the end I went to the gp and started taking sertraline. Within two weeks I felt an absolute ton better. In fact I couldn't believe I'd let myself feel so crap for so long!

Motherhood is so all consuming it's hard to know how you should feel because sleep deprivation and the relentlessness of it takes its toll but I'd say if you're having more bad days than good then definitely seek additional help - counseling / meds You don't need to suffer and both you and your baby will benefit.

beckieperk Wed 17-Jan-18 15:52:45

"Motherhood is all consuming" is a great way to put it. Being a mum can make you feel useless and anxious and exhausted and unappreciated and clueless and a little bit more exhausted. Looking back i deffinitely had some form of pnd with ds1. I really struggled.....didnt tell anyone. Now 4 weeks after ds2 and i feel very different. I feel more confident and capable and try not to stress about things i can't change - ie changing lo into clean nappy and clothes 5 minutes before you need to leave the house only for his nappy to leak (mushy pea poo) yesterday and projectile vomit all over himself....and me this morning. It's easier said than done.....i appreciate that....but my point is I've seen both sides now and how i felt with ds1 was definitely not normal, although very very common.
Dont beat yourself up and seek help from anywhere its available.
What is your biggest worry? Fear? Issue since having your dc?
Good luck. Im sure you're doing a fab job.

Copperbeaches Thu 18-Jan-18 21:27:38

I'm going through a similar thing DS is 2 weeks tomo and after a very difficult birth I was hit by similar feelings. Not cut out to be a stay at home mum anxious and very down.
I have already gone to gp and they refered me to Peri natal team and I'm also staying in with midwife longer and have a psyh doc in couple of weeks.
With that plan in place I already feel a tiny bit less rubbish.
So def see gp talk to health visitor as they can put things in to place v quickly .
There seems to be alot if help out there and people to talk to.

CarrotPuff Fri 19-Jan-18 13:15:05

I've had PND after my second, was diagnosed when she was 6mo. She's 2 next month and I'm back to being me again!

I was on Sertraline for almost 18m now and they helped enormously when I was feeling like I was drowning. I'm now weaning myself off the ADs.

Having a "project" to focus on helps too - I've been decluttering for the past year and it really helped I think, as part of the issue was a messy house, but it's much easier to keep it tidy now.

It can be a long road, but it does get better.

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