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Post baby boobs

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sthitch Wed 06-Dec-17 06:12:17

So I’m feeling quite down about my boobs since having my baby - previously I was a 32D with no sag, I’ve now been measured and they think 32F... it was the worst experience, it was 2 M&S bra fitters and they kept bringing me granny material bras to try on, plus they weren’t 100% I was a 32F.

My friend told me I had caused my boobs to sag by not getting better bras during pregnancy - I bought some maternity bras which fitted fine but they had no underwire as my baby was high up in my ribs (I’m 5’1 and she was a BIG baby and had nowhere to go, I’ve still got bruised ribs now) it hurt so much that there was no way I could wear underwire. I’m now feeling pretty shit about it all, she said that a bit of pain from underwire would have been better than having saggy boobs - could a bra really have made that much difference?

I’m back to being a size 8 but the boobs just feel and look awful, can toning up help? Buying a bra has been dreadful as my ribs are so bruised and the bras just hurt where they dig in. Tbh I know that other than having a boob job there’s not much hope but just wanted to write down how I was feeling. sad

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Wed 06-Dec-17 06:16:40

I'm sorry to hear that. M&S aren't exactly known for their stellar bra fitting advice. Please don't take it to heart, there's absolutely no reason why you can wear nice bras.
How long ago did you have your baby?
I doubt it's to do with the bras you wore in pregnancy.
Exercise should help.

KatnissK Wed 06-Dec-17 06:33:30

Don't get measured at m and s, they're hopeless. Try Bravissimo if there is one near you. Also join Boob or Bust - a group on Facebook that guides you on how to measure yourself accurately and recommends different styles for different shaped boobs. I doubt your bra would have made a difference in pregnancy- I hardly wore one at all!

Cuppaqueen Wed 06-Dec-17 06:39:21

Agree M&S are absolutely rubbish. Go to Bravissimo if one near you or even self-measure and just go to M&S to try on bras.

How long since you had your baby? My boobs have taken a while to settle down. I ballooned from pert 32E to squishy 36F (yep, big old granny maternity bras) and only 7 months after birth do they feel vaguely themselves. I'm still wearing maternity bras cos BF but back to 34E/F ish and only slightly less pert (a cold bathroom helps). Didn't wear underwired bras after 4th month of pregnancy, just maternity ones with fairly stiff fabric band.

I would try rubbing bio oil in twice a day, doing some chest press type exercises eg standing press-up against the wall, and above all get a good fitting. Good luck!

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