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7 months on and still bleeding irregularly

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Ponocky Tue 07-Nov-17 07:46:54

I had my DS 7 months ago today and I'm still bleeding irregularly. Can anyone offer any advice or tell me if they've been in the same boat please? I'm so fed up and spending a small fortune on sanitary products!

The story so far: I bled for 6 weeks after birth as you would expect and then my period started straight away. I also went onto the mini pill (Celeste) at the same time, which I'd used for years before pregnancy with no issues. That period went on for 6 weeks with no breaks before my doctor then switched me to a progesterone only pill called Cerelle to try and stop the bleeding altogether. That also didn't work. I have been on it ever since at the insistence of my doctor hoping things would settle in time but no joy. I get 4-6 days of no bleeding followed by 6-8 days (on average) of heavy bleeding continuously. Ive currently been 'on' for 16 days though and it's only getting heavier sad

I went for an internal ultrasound yesterday which I'd waited 6 weeks for and they found nothing wrong but did say I was currently ovulating. They told me to go back to my doctor but I can't get an appointment for a month and I'm not convinced he'll know what to do next. He's the only doctor at my surgery so I can't even get a second opinion.

I've stopped taking the Cerelle today to see if that helps. I'm not having sex anyway so there's no danger of falling pregnant again!!

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