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New mum with PNA

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Dark04 Sun 22-Oct-17 18:57:29

I'm a mum of an amazing 6month DD. Being a mum is great, however having suffered with PNA and now on the road to recovery, I realised just how lonely being a new mum can be at times.
Does anyone have any suggestions on places in south Londo I could go with my daughter or groups I could attend? Are there any other mothers out there who have gone/going through PND/PNA? It would help me feel that what I'm going through isn't so uncommon .smile

0EatSleepTeachRepeat Tue 07-Nov-17 18:33:43

Though far away in Wales I wanted to put a reply so you're not left languishing unanswered! Though not diagnosed by a dr (really don't want to see one and say how I'm feeling) pretty sure I have PND and/or PNA. Have found mum and baby yoga good. My yoga place has a London branch so could be good for you too. Look for yoga place Abertawe. Sending a virtual hug. This too shall pass x

Charlieislovely Sat 11-Nov-17 11:02:58


Just noticed your post. I am in East London and also suffering with postnatal anxiety. In the midst of it still and am always looking for mum friends, especially if you are in a similar situation to me.

Not sure if we can private message on here? Hope you are ok x

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