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DTD After 4th Degree Tears...

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LetItRain88 Sun 24-Sep-17 22:25:16

Hello Tried to post this in the 'sex' topic but not been a member for long enough yet so been advised to try here.

So I know it's only early days, I had a pretty traumatic birth just under three weeks ago resulting in 4th degree tears.

Amazingly I physically seem to feel ok now. The bleeding has pretty much completely stopped, it doesn't hurt to pee anymore, can number 2 with no issues (soz if TMI), I can sit with no issues etc. The only thing I really have a problem with is discomfort from the stitches but it's not all the time. Tbh I am surprised at how soon I feel ok down there- cautiously optimistic that I'm over the worst of it.

I know it's obviously too soon to jump back into a full on sex life right now, but wondering if anyone else has a similar experience with this type of tear and recovery and how long you waited to have sex? Mentally and emotionally I want it but physically I know it will still be a while yet.

Seen some posts and ladies have been waiting months, years or just never did it ever again which terrifies me! Xx

Boomies Fri 06-Oct-17 22:32:45

Hi I'm 1year post 4th degree tear. DTD after 6week check and cried+ to start through fear mostly, think I'd underestimated the emotional trauma of everything, but it did hurt also. Anyway once I'd got over that it was ok but painful, I had pain prob until 9months post delivery but not bad enough to stop us. It's prob worth saying through that my repair was good and I didn't have any continence issues etc. Just pain and scar tissue. What I would say is pelvic floor exercises and colon exercises are essential and assuming no you've been referred to women's health physio really do the work it makes a huge difference to recovery.

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