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Post Partum Hair Loss Freak Out

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SarahES38 Sun 30-Jul-17 22:07:40

My DS3 is nearly 5 months and I have lost / am losing an alarming amount of hair. My hair got very thick during pregnancy and when it started falling out a month or so ago I wasn't too worried as assumed it was just shedding what I didn't lose when pregnant, which is what happened with my other 2. But it is now coming out in handfuls, all over the house, on my pillow, blocking the drain. I'm very noticeably thin on top and basically bald on my crown. If it carries on like this much longer I will be properly bald before long. I can feel and see prickly short hairs so at least some regrowth is happening, which must be good right? How long does this go on and any success stories with stopping the shedding?? Still breastfeeding. Going to to docs tomorrow but suspect they won't be able to help. Has anyone taken supplements to help while bfing? Thanks in advance

IceWithASlice1 Tue 01-Aug-17 02:43:34

I just came here to post the same thing. 5 months and TONS has been falling out for the past month or so. Have even found my DC holding strands of my hair. Yuck.
My hair feels so thin now. I expected some hair loss but not to this extend.
My doctor has done a blood test for my thyroid as I have had issued before. I'm awaiting results.
I had iron supplements in pregnancy so considering taking that again.
Let's hope it eases off soon.

SarahES38 Tue 01-Aug-17 20:39:08

Absolutely - fingers crossed. I had the blood test yesterday too. Dr wasn't terribly reassuring. I'd hoped she would say that it is standard post pregnancy stuff, but she didn't and referred me to a dermatologist. She didn't really look at my head though or say much so I don't know what to think. A bit worried now. Expect the consultant appointment will take months, by which time it will either be better or I'll be bald - so all a bit pointless. Nice to know I'm not alone - thanks for posting.

MummaTwinkleToes Fri 20-Oct-17 13:57:27

Hi I posted about this too was just going to update on my thread! I'm 22weeks pp and have severe hair loss. Just had blood results back including thyroid which were all normal. Doctor said it's normal and to stop stressing about it as stress makes it even worse. Posters on my thread said it stopped around 8-10months. If it makes u feel better I have noticed some baby hair growing back in my bald temples! Hurray!

MummaTwinkleToes Fri 20-Oct-17 14:01:37

Soz just realised it's an old thread! blush Hopefully all settled down for you now!

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